So That For Him You May Live

How does sacred scripture affect your life? Share below the video and let’s get a discussion going about encounter with the word of God.

Unitarianism to Catholicism II

Part I: Unitarianism to Catholicism
What does it mean to have beautiful liturgy? Where does God’s love come from in the world? What is the holy sacrifice of the Mass? All questions discussed in today’s story on

Be Open: Part II

Be Open: Part I

Islam to Catholicism

A young man shares why he made the leap of faith from the Islamic religion to the Catholic Church.

Unitarianism to Catholicism

‘It all started when my Dad fell down a flight of stairs…’

Lila Rose Becomes Catholic

Lila Rose shares the end of her story from a protestant college student at UCLA, to a leader in the pro-life world as a Catholic. Listen to the foundations on which she has built her life in the Catholic faith.

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Paper Route to Mass

The power of conversion to the Catholic faith, through the simplicity of a paper route.

Best of 2010: Most Inspiring Video

December 29, 2010 by  
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Stephen shares from the soul his movement through seeking truth, you won’t believe how his reversion to the Catholic faith went down.

Eucharistic Miracles II

October 27, 2010 by  
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Part I - Eucharistic Miracles

St. Faustina Awakens…

Part II -

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