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Germany, Deustchland, Shares a Catholic Story

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7th December

December 7th 2011 ~ The Catholic faith is universally oriented toward encountering the risen Christ on every continent of this earth, including the ‘digital continent.’ Young and old alike can take real fundamental steps toward a dialogue with the creator of the universe through and encounter with these ‘one billion Catholic stories.’ Perhaps you have always wanted to share your story of encounter with Catholicism, if that is true, then this website is the best online platform to accomplish your goal. First step, e-mail [email protected] to make it happen. Blessings

Polish Love, Irish Heart, a Home Away From Home

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6th December

December 6th 2011 ~ The IONA Chaplaincy is a multi-denominational Chaplaincy at the University College Cork. It has provided a place where young Catholics can come together and share ideas, issues, and struggles in the Faith. It is also the LAUNCHING PAD for where “Walk for the Faith” began and is where retreats and religious groups meet to promote the Catholic Faith to students of all nationalities. Share your Irish story with Irish Steve, e-mail [email protected] to find out how.

The Story of Mount Melleray Abbey- Fr. Dennis

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2nd December

December 3rd 2011 ~ Wherever you are living in the world, what has been your experience with the reality of living out the Catholic faith in the world? In case you are unaware of Ireland’s story, take a listen to ‘Irish Steve’s’ wonderful journalism from the Emerald Isle across the pond. Do you have a story to share in Ireland?
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Catholic Youth in Ireland

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1st December

December 2nd 2011 ~ Meet Leoni, whome I first met after Mass at Mount Mellory, the Trappist Abbey in Munster, Co. Waterford, Ireland. We were able to meet a second time on my way through to Middletown and talked about the Faith in Ireland and her time in Medjugore, Bosnia. Her mother is the best! And I was so happy and fortunate to meet both of them twice! May the Catholic Youth of Ireland bring forth a reform of fidelity to Christ and the Catholic faith. Onward we roll for the mission!

One Billion Stories, CatholicTV Episode 11

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1st December

December 1st 2011 ~ We’ve made it to December, God is good….all the time. May we continue on in prayer for the mystical body’s presence on the ‘digital continent.’ May we not be afraid of the dialogues that await us. Who will be God’s heralds?

Chatin’ with Fr. David-UCC Chaplain

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30th November

November 30th 2011 ~ What is happening right now in 2011 with the Catholic faith in Ireland? Does anyone have an insight into the current situation? Everyday, video missionary, Steve Seguin, continues to find answers to these questions, including this discussion with Fr. David in Cork. May the faith in Ireland see renewal and prosperity moving forward, let us lift the Emerald Isle up in prayer on this day. For that island of Catholic history now needs a life raft of prayers from the world. God Bless You.

Redemption in Ireland, part II

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25th November

November 26th 2011 ~ Where do we find healing? When was the last time you prayed to God for true healing? Perhaps it is time to find the healing at the foot of the cross? Be not afraid of the power of prayer and sacrifice says this man from Ireland. Hear his story of redemption today on the global mystical body network of OneBillionStories.com. Thanks Irish Steve for gathering! Perhaps you have a story to share in Ireland? E-mail [email protected] to be interviewed!

One Billion Stories, Episode 10 CatholicTV

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20th November

November 21st 2011 ~ Episode 10 from CatholicTV out in Boston today, airing the weekly One Billion Stories show for the ‘digital continent’ to see. Stories of perserverance and love today on the global Catholic network. Don’t forget to check out Steve’s vlog above under the ‘Irish Steve’ tab.

Our Day of Rest… Toledo, Spain

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19th November

November 20th 2011 ~ God is good…all the time. Steve is safe. Interns are moving to Denver! Other Video Missionaries are coming on board. The Philippines is on the horizon. God is good….all the time. Stay tuned, and rest today.

Ireland to Nigeria and Back Again with Sister Marilyn

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18th November

November 19th 2011 ~ Coming full circle… the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ are a Missionary order founded by an Archbishop of Ireland that brought the order to Nigeria, it was through the witness of the Sisters in Nigeria that led Sister Marilyn to wanting to become a Religious Sister, which eventually brought her back to the isle of Ireland. Continue to hold Steve and his mission to capture the pulse of Catholic Ireland on film as he traverses the country by bike.