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A Reflection on the Diaconate, Family Life, and Terminal Cancer, with Deacon Dusty

27th February

We all have Busy Lives & Deadlines
“I’ve survived this long, I pray everyday that God shows me what to do with this moment.”

Published on: February 27th, 2013 — 11:39 PM / OBS: North America

AURORA, CO, USA — The reflections in this video from Aurora Colorado are insightful to the human experience, and therefore the spiritual life. Deacon Dusty Martin’s testimony reveals that moments in life have the potential to create perspective if allowed by the individual. During this Year of Faith, a little bit of perspective to the spiritual life from Deacon Dusty could go a long way in the 21st century hustle of modern day America. (more below)

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One defining moment in Deacon Dusty’s journey was the moment … Read More »

A Presbyterian Questions Total Depravity which Leads to Theology of the Body and Catholicism, part three

28th January

The final installment of Miriam Braswell’s inspiring journey from the Presbyterian faith to Catholicism. Discovering truth is an adventure, and Miriam can attest to the excitement and joy that comes with life’s most important journey, home to the Catholic faith.

Debbie Herbeck Shares her Journey from Judaism to Catholicism to a Denver Colorado Audience

2nd November

Debbie Herbeck discovered Catholicism in college, and ever since, has been sharing her conviction for Jesus Christ through speaking and bible studies ever since. You can learn more about her journey at

Episcopalian Converts to Catholicism After Funeral Experiences

19th April

Seth J. DeMoor
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The Power of a Catholic Funeral Experience
‘Hearing the Muslim call to prayer five times a day in Jordan made me ask, ‘do we have that in Christianity?’

Posted on: 19th April 2012

BALTIMORE, MD, USA — This online global mission often shares stories of conversion to Catholicism. But never has those stories been centered around funeral experience. Today’s Catholic story from the state of Maryland is just one of those stories. The young lady was serving in the United States military, and was asked to sing in the chorus for two different tragic cases of death. The events were only about two months apart, and they made a lasting impression on her life, especially her spiritual life.

Today’s Story

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Conversion in Rio, part 2

3rd April

Conversion in Rio, part 1

3rd April

Alexandre gives a detailed account of his conversion to Catholicism. He is standing on the terrace of the Solidarity in March community center in the Santa Teresinha favela. One of the goals of this organization is to offer alternatives to drugs, prostitution, and violence to the people living in the favelas. Classes that build discipline like jiu jitsu and karate are offered at the center. Catechesis and masses are also offered in the center and in small chapels nearby. Alexandre is well known to the people of this community. People on the street wave at him as he drives to and from the center.

Buddhism to Catholicism: How Buddhism taught me to seek truth

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3rd March

What a powerful quote from Aristotle, which John Paul II quoted over 2,000 years later, which continues to manifest in the hearts of people around the world, today’s Catholic story proves it.

Pro-Life Questioning & Conversion - March for Life ’12: video 3

23rd January

At the concert to celebrate life last night at St. Bernadette’s Parish, the Holy Spirit led this mission again to the Nixon Family, and Colleen really put on a show for the youth of this movement.


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14th January

At one time or another, we all may feel a disconnect between our body and our heart, that was this man’s experience before becoming Catholic; similar to the Matrix.

Atheism, the Radical Left, and Pursuing Truth, part II

4th January

Beauty pierces the heart of an atheist in today’s Catholic story from Colorado. The denial of God may arise in some hearts, until one day they encounter the resonation of truth through beauty.