Episcopalian Converts to Catholicism After Funeral Experiences

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The Power of a Catholic Funeral Experience

‘Hearing the Muslim call to prayer five times a day in Jordan made me ask, ‘do we have that in Christianity?’

Posted on: 19th April 2012

BALTIMORE, MD, USA — This online global mission often shares stories of conversion to Catholicism. But never has those stories been centered around funeral experience. Today’s Catholic story from the state of Maryland is just one of those stories. The young lady was serving in the United States military, and was asked to sing in the chorus for two different tragic cases of death. The events were only about two months apart, and they made a lasting impression on her life, especially her spiritual life.

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From that juncture at the Naval Academy, it was the next big event in Jordan that really got her to reflect upon becoming Catholic. First, upon arrival in Jordan, she met someone who had recently left Christianity in exchange for Islam. Saddened, but not broken, today’s speaker wondered, ‘could I be wooed away from my Christian roots in a predominantly Muslim country? Part of that questioning came about from daily exposure to the Muslim’s five moments of prayer. She perceived this prayer as a ‘rigorous’ commitment to a religion, something was attractive in an often fickle world of pleasure seeking.


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Eventually, this exposure to prayer from funeral experiences in the United States, and Muslim prayer in Jordan, brought this young lady back home to the Catholic faith. Not your typical ‘journey home,’ but one that is certainly inspiring for the soul. Perhaps you have a story to share from within our Catholic faith in the greater New York City area? If so, e-mail [email protected] to set-up a time next week to share. It is time to answer the call of Pope Benedict XVI, where he calls upon young Catholics to take on the evangelization of this ‘digital continent.’

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