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Our Story

Who We Are

OBS is a think tank of young Video Missionaries rewriting the art of storytelling around this great globe. The blending of transcendence and Web 2.0 video techniques is our passion. We come together under one mantle because we love truth, and telling stories rooted within absolute Truth.

We are a multidisciplinary global team, sharing creativity, knowledge, and conviction to propagate the marriage of technology and an encounter with the everlasting here on earth. Bottom line, motion picture is the future in the online global cultural encounters, and our film family is ready for the front lines of this dialogue.

What We Believe

The longing for hope rests in every human heart. The joy, love, and desire for purpose in our daily lives inspires our global team’s creativity for online video production. Satisfying the billions of seeking hearts through inspiring videos drives us. We are here to serve you.

How We Work

We carry forth our beliefs authentically by applying the transcendent to our lives first, and then the digital sphere. In all interactions with website guests, friends, and fans, their longings become our longings. Their desire for truth drives our work ethic and content, period.

How We Succeed

We succeed when truth on our turf becomes truth in human hearts around the world. Our online turf is unlike any other in the digital sphere. When the everlasting question hits our guests in the heart, that is when our team hums a small hymn of victory.


Build bridges from the World Wide Web (the “Digital Continent”) to the Eucharist.
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Our Story

In 2009, our team found a compelling man in history worthy of our full attention. He needed a plot, intriguing characters, and a beautiful set to carry forward his banner into this millennium. Some folks were skeptical of our cross country bicycle ride to jump start the mission. But in the end, we came across a compelling recipe for this man’s plot, by sharing truth & love through online video.

When we first started, we filmed our videos with simple cameras and even simpler editing. We’ve grown since 2009, but our foundation remains the same, ‘always seek his truth & love, then communicate it with humility & beauty.’ We hope the world finds as much fun & fulfillment viewing our stories as we do creating them. Enjoy!

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