Raquel Kato’s 21st Birthday Party Changed LIFE Forever

I was that Girl that Could Not Say No

‘God pierced my soul when I was all alone, wandering in the darkness’

Published on: April 15th, 2013 — 11:19 AM / OBS: North America

GREELEY, CO, USA — Her world was turned upside down. She was single. Alone. Afraid. Her 21st birthday party led to trying moments, in the middle of college. Abusing alcohol led to decisions, choices, defining life moments, and eventually a little life inside of her; a little baby girl moving, breathing, and learning the love of this world through the womb of her mother. A place, the womb of a mother, which was once considered the safest place on earth for babies. (more below)

music by: David Thies, The Album Leaf, As Colorful as Ever / filmed by: Jon Ervin, Seth James DeMoor / edited by: Jon Ervin

Jon Ervin

North America

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However, since the 1970s, the proliferation of abortion in America has denied that safety net of love and life to millions of babies still inside the womb. An abortion was scheduled by Raquel, the mother. Where would she turn? What would be her decision? Whom would reach out to her with mercy after a confirmed pregnancy at a moment in life that was filled with uncertainty?


The unconditional love of God came to Raquel’s life through the grace of a homily and readings at Mass. For the first time, Raquel knew that God loved her as much as the little life growing inside of her. God’s infinite mercy allowed Raquel to accept the reality of a baby living and growing up inside of her. Raquel chose life after that trying moment of a 21st birthday party! The joy of little Ava has since brought true joy to Raquel’s life. And she sums it up best with these words, ‘God really can make something beautiful out of broken pieces.’

Now, Raquel is passing her hope and love to other women who are scared and alone with a pregnancy. In Greeley, Colorado, at a crisis pregnancy center, Raquel is sharing her story with other women who are alone and afraid, impacting their lives forever through Christ’s call to see God’s face in every face that walks through those doors.

Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from hearing Raquel’s story? If so, pass this video along to them and watch God’s mercy penetrate the walls of their heart.

Learn more about Raquel’s journey by clicking on her blog logo above, ‘Story of a Rose’. She is working on a book as well, stay tuned on her blog for more updates.

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First: Acts 6:8-1
Psalm: Psalm 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30
Gospel: John 6:22-29

1. Annunciation
2. Visitation
3. Nativity
4. Presentation
5. Finding Jesus in the Temple

  • Sarah Hodack (DeMoor)

    great video and story! I will watch for Raquel at the Pregnancy Center because I’m just starting with doing some volunteer ultrasounds over there once a week.

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  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Too cool! Her story is truly inspiring, let me know when you both connect.

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  • Joseph M. DeMoor

    A beautiful story of love and life…God has a plan for each of us and our trials many times prepare us for for the beauty that lies ahead. It is not always easy to give thanks for our trials but we can stay steadfast in faith the fruits will follow. thank you for this witness,

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    If you want to say something constructive, then you are welcome to comment here bently. Our team loves discussion, even debate, but not insults and bickering. If you would like to make a point that does not degrade the human persons in this video, then by all means go ahead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gpgpalacios Gonzalo Palacios

    Raquel, Seth, John: Please read my book THE VIRGIN MARY’S REVOLUTION! Much of Raquel’s story coincides with the Virgin Mary’s as does her “discovery” of God’s healing and creative Love. You can get it in amazon.com or contacting me at [email protected]. Oremus ad invicem, Gonzalo T. Palacios, Ph.D., C.U.A. 1970

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    We will try to dialogue with you, but you must clear up your tone or we will have to delete your comments.

    We believe as Catholics, that all human life is sacred, and should be protected and loved, which is the focus of this post. The Mom’s choice to give birth to her baby is a noble and heroic choice. She freely admits that she made mistakes in her life, as have you, as have everyone on our team. But that’s no reason to give up the fight for truth.

    Many parents who adopt our holy people, but many adoption families are not pursuing holiness. It’s not easy to be in an adoption situation. Very difficult in fact based on the stats that the government puts out. So we uphold the Mom’s decision to choose life, and even more to foster the relationship with her daughter as best as she knows how given the circumstances.

    And something tells us that God’s going to put the best man in the world into her life to take care of them both!

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Obviously this conversation is not going to be productive, sorry to end it, we just can’t allow ranting on this website. God Bless

  • ruth bolan

    i hope you responded in a more specific and loving way to the writers of the deleted messages. when people cry out in their ignorance and pain, they need to be heard and understood so they can begin to heal, hear and understand. speaking as a 75yr old,wounded soul, i believe i would have been a much more loving christian , had the catholics in my life responded in Love.

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Ruth, thank you for your comment above, and for visiting our online mission. We tried three separate times to dialogue with charity and spirited debate with those commenters, but they continued to slide into condemning the storyteller, which we do not accept on this website. We warned and gave them several chances, but the message did not get through.

    What did you think of the story Ruth?

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Thanks for posting Gonzalo, do you have a direct link to the book?

    What struck you most about this story from Raquel?

  • Joe U

    Thanks for sharing that great story! I can relate on two levels: 1) as a teenager, I got my girlfriend pregnant and we chose to abort the baby, and 2) my son recently got his girlfriend pregnant but they kept their baby, my beautiful little nine-month-old granddaughter. So I fully understand what Raquel went through.

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Joe, thank you for the insight in to your own life’s journey. That is beautiful that you are now a grandparent! It would be interesting to have your son and his girlfriend watch Raquel’s video, our team would love to hear what they think.

  • dbarto667

    A child is truely God’s greatest gift

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