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Michelle Marie Mandico, Breaking Hearts LIVE

15th April

Choices in Life can Break Hearts, but God’s Mercy Brings us Through
“This choice breaks more than one heart, this choice breaks more than one heart…”

Published on: April 15th, 2013 — 1:34 PM / OBS: North America

DENVER, CO, USA — Listen closely to the lyrics of this song by Michelle Marie Mandico as she performs live, “Breaking Hearts.” The message of life, love, and mercy pour forth from the notes of Michelle. And the challenges in this century for babies in the womb only continue to increase. As Catholics, we, the ‘one billion’ member family, must continue to use beauty to pierce the heart of this culture of death we live within. (more below)

Seth J. DeMoor
Video Missionary, North America


[email protected]

music by: Michelle Marie Mandico / filmed & edited by: Seth James DeMoor

“Breaking Hearts,” … Read More »

Raquel Kato’s 21st Birthday Party Changed LIFE Forever

15th April

I was that Girl that Could Not Say No
‘God pierced my soul when I was all alone, wandering in the darkness’

Published on: April 15th, 2013 — 11:19 AM / OBS: North America

GREELEY, CO, USA — Her world was turned upside down. She was single. Alone. Afraid. Her 21st birthday party led to trying moments, in the middle of college. Abusing alcohol led to decisions, choices, defining life moments, and eventually a little life inside of her; a little baby girl moving, breathing, and learning the love of this world through the womb of her mother. A place, the womb of a mother, which was once considered the safest place on earth for babies. (more below)

music by: David Thies, The Album Leaf, As Colorful as Ever / filmed by: Jon Ervin, Seth James DeMoor / edited by: … Read More »

Lighthouse Women’s Center and Paula Suhr Bring Hope to Denver Women, Unborn Children

23rd January

You can always Choose to let the Child Live
“My parents faith was never going through the motions, it really was the most important aspect of their life.”

Published on: January 23rd, 2013 — 12:12 AM / OBS: North America

DENVER, CO, USA — Reflecting upon past generations of Catholics, who courageously crossed the Atlantic by ship, and laid the groundwork for the seeds of faith in America, is important to remember in 2013. Their fortitude sometimes goes unnoticed in familial conversations within Catholic circles, but not for Paula Suhr. Hailing from Irish, Italian, and German roots, her family preserved their Catholic identity for many centuries and generations, a sacrifice that Paula is incredibly grateful for. It is her appreciation for the Sacraments, especially the sacrament of Holy Matrimony and the honor in raising 3 wonderful children, that really gets Paula … Read More »

Conceived in Rape, Born in Love, Flourishing for Eternity by Amber Masterson

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21st January

Even a child conceived in rape deserves the protection of the law.
When it comes to children conceived in rape, pro-choice does not even bother trying to muddle the humanity of the child.

Published on: January 21st 2012 — 9:42 PM / OBS: North America

by Amber Masterson

If there is one thing that seems to be getting the attention it rightfully deserves, it is the issue of abortion; more specifically, the rape exception. The fact of the matter is the rape exception is what keeps abortion on demand legal. Much of the support for abortion, even by some pro-lifers, rests on the rape exception.

My Mother had been molested by 2 men. She was very vulnerable and had a low self-esteem because
of it. When my biological Father walked into her life (she was 14 and he was 22). He presented himself as someone she … Read More »

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