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Jesus in the Eucharist and My Uncle the Exorcist: Part 2

12th July

This young man shares part 2 of his story from the Philippines. His Uncle is a Catholic Priest, exorcist, and Godfather. Jas communicates with true joy on how his Uncle truly made an impact on his life through mentoring him during his youth. In addition, Jas shares about the beauty of growing up in the Philippines. The country has such a strong Catholic culture as displayed by Jas’ words; it is very encouraging to see the young people grasp their Catholic faith with such ardor and conviction. Jas is making an impact on the ‘digital continent.’

Jesus in the Eucharist and My Uncle the Exorcist: Part 1

9th July

Jas Syquia shares with Video Missionary David Panlilio about an extraordinary experience he had with the Eucharist during a family encounter seminar. Jas’ family moved to North Carolina 7 years ago where he has the privilege of helping lead a Catholic Charismatic Community called “Bukas Loob Sa Dios” which means (Bukas Loob sa Dios means: Open in Spirit to God). Be sure to tune back in on Thursday, July 12th for part II of this story where he discusses his struggles to express his faith in a new land along with his uncle based in the Philippines, an Exorcist.

Journey Across Europe In Pursuit of Life’s Meaning

2nd July

Lawrence Stuart shares his testimony from London, although most of his story is not based in England, but rather all across Europe. Listen to John’s first story out of England as he continues his pilgrimage around the country in pursuit of the hope within our Catholic faith. Have you ever gone on pilgrimage to find purpose, meaning, and faith? Share your experience below in the comment section.

Ricardo Simmonds Traveled the World for a Year in Hopes of Finding God

14th June

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ricardo felt unfulfilled with his life. After completing high school he decided to buy a special plane ticket that allowed him to travel the world traveling in one single direction for a year. He began in India, then went throughout Asia and the South Pacific in search of God or some greater meaning in his life. He studied with gurus, explored Buddhism and Hinduism, and tried to find happiness in surfing in lost islands in the South Pacific. At the end of the trip, he was saddened because he found many good people, but did not find God, the reason for his travels. He went to college for a year in the US (his father is American) and was given the opportunity to go to Peru on a missionary trip to build a park … Read More »

College Students Encounter Truth Through Missionary Work in Peru

7th June

A group of college students from University of Colorado at Boulder came to Peru for 2 weeks to help the poor in the outskirts of Lima. The area called Los Rosales is a very new area where the very poor have stettled but have very limited water and almost no electricity. The streets are dusty, and right in the middle of the community are pig stalls where they feed the pigs with garbage. The smell of the pigs, garbage, and the sound of squealing pigs surrounds you. The group of college students are laying cement stairways that go up the hill in hopes to begin to develop the area so the government will recognize them as a settled area in need of aid. Hear the experiences of two students on the missionary trip and also Ricardo, the Sodalit that is … Read More »

RECORDING: “Is Contraception Harmful?

26th January

In fact, it is not an interview at all, but a debate, the great debate in fact! Every year, the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center, in Boulder Colorado, draws inspiration from their patron, by hosting a great debate.

Terri Schiavo’s Brother - March for Life ’12: video 2

22nd January

The actions of Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo’s brother, to stand up for the vulnerable people of this nation in 2012, should become a rallying cry for all people who are pro-life across America.

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Carmelite Vocations Growing in Tanzania: Vlog # 4

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