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I Lost 4 Inches of My Leg (Part II)

The power of prayer brings the first miracle to

Cameron Meredith: Why I Became Catholic

Produced by Rhythm LA, in association with FOCUS and Varsity Catholic

I Lost 4 inches of My Leg (Part I)

A man, a motorcycle crash, and hanging on a prayer to save his life and wrestling career, today on I Lost 4 Inches of...

LSU Football Player and Faith

Former LSU Tiger football player shares his story with the faith and how it helped him through difficult times as a Division-I athlete.

Fractured Foot

Listen right here to Stephanie’s struggles and triumphs as a Division-I runner at the University of Illinois. How will you persevere in the event...

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OBS Survives Bolivia’s Death Road: Vlog # 44

DEATH ROAD SURVIVORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we first got to La Paz, Bolivia we had almost totally forgotten about a long time dream excursion of...

Participamos en una mision medica: Vlog # 38

La primera vez que hemos participado en una misión médica fue la semana pasada en Ayaviri, Perú. Vinieron un grupo de 50 médicos, enfermeras,...

Copacabana Bolivia: Vlog # 39

Saliendo de Ayaviri, pasamos una noche en Puno antes de cruzar la frontera con Bolivia. Después de entrar en Bolivia, aprovechamos a conocer a...

Lake Titicaca, the Bolivian Side with Annie and Al: Vlog # 43

For the first time ever we got the view of Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian side from Copacabana, Bolivia. We crossed the border and...

Medical Mission in Ayavari Peru, 2012: Vlog # 42

We were going to leave Ayaviri and move on to Bolivia, but they convinced us to stay an extra week to work as translators...

A Peruvian Talent Show in Ayaviri: Vlog # 41

They day after arriving in Ayaviri, Peru, the local bishop of the prelature, Msgr. Kay Martin, invited us to the house where he and...

Ayaviri, Perú: Vlog # 37

Tinajani es un bosque de piedras grandes, similar al Gran Cañón en los Estados Unidos, pero no tan enorme. Este parque es una...