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Calling All College Students: Vlog # 1

Support the mission here

Support the mission here

100 Founders in 100 Days

Our goal is to find 100 people in the next 100 days who are ready to commit to a monthly tithe to this online...

Tanzania is coming!

Our team leaves Sunday, May 27th! Stay tuned

Website Crash of 2012: ‘Here Comes the Comeback’

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“Here comes a comeback, The kid... Philippines Launches a new Mission Field

David Panlilio Video Missionary in the Philippines GET UPDATES FROM DAVID PANLILIO

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Philippines Launching to ‘Digital Continent’ ‘Welcome to the 7,107...

Flags and Services

Let us share our faith through sharing the 'one billion Catholic stories.'

Too Busy in Boston

In addition to recording season 2 with Catholic TV, our team also recorded 25+ testimonies from students at Boston University, the Theological Institute for...

Trading Wheels for Wings - Irish Steve

Bottom line, he is doing very well over in Europe. He continues to pray and discern the future work of this mission, especially now...

Irish Steve Learns Italian

Irish Steve took a 2 week spiritual and physical recovery time in Italy, and this video is some footage from those moments in the...

Benedict XVI & Steve in Rome

'Irish Steve' reemerges in the streets of Italy in today's story-vlog style video update.

An Irish Christmas Highlight Reel

Merry Christmas everyone, the Nativity of our Lord has come, and we Catholics are so grateful for your presence in this world.

One Billion Stories, CatholicTV Episode 11

December 1st 2011 ~ We've made it to December, God is good....all the time. May we continue on in prayer for the mystical body's...

God Provides…a Macbook Pro!

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Today’s Update: God Provides…a Macbook...

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OBS Survives Bolivia’s Death Road: Vlog # 44

DEATH ROAD SURVIVORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we first got to La Paz, Bolivia we had almost totally forgotten about a long time dream excursion of...

Participamos en una mision medica: Vlog # 38

La primera vez que hemos participado en una misión médica fue la semana pasada en Ayaviri, Perú. Vinieron un grupo de 50 médicos, enfermeras,...

Copacabana Bolivia: Vlog # 39

Saliendo de Ayaviri, pasamos una noche en Puno antes de cruzar la frontera con Bolivia. Después de entrar en Bolivia, aprovechamos a conocer a...

Lake Titicaca, the Bolivian Side with Annie and Al: Vlog # 43

For the first time ever we got the view of Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian side from Copacabana, Bolivia. We crossed the border and...

Medical Mission in Ayavari Peru, 2012: Vlog # 42

We were going to leave Ayaviri and move on to Bolivia, but they convinced us to stay an extra week to work as translators...

A Peruvian Talent Show in Ayaviri: Vlog # 41

They day after arriving in Ayaviri, Peru, the local bishop of the prelature, Msgr. Kay Martin, invited us to the house where he and...

Ayaviri, Perú: Vlog # 37

Tinajani es un bosque de piedras grandes, similar al Gran Cañón en los Estados Unidos, pero no tan enorme. Este parque es una...