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Benedict XVI & Steve in Rome

'Irish Steve' reemerges in the streets of Italy in today's story-vlog style video update.

Born 1 Day Before JPII was Shot

The assassination attempt on the life of our late and now blessed Pope John Paul II sent shock waves around the world. Including to...

Meeting the Pope

July 7th 2011 ~ What is it like meeting the Pope? What is it like meeting Cardinal Ratzinger? Here today on how Bishop...

The Beatification of JPII - part II

Part II from Rome! Are you traveling abroad on pilgrimage? Would you like to share stories of faith on the 'digital continent?' Email [email protected]...

The Beatification of JPII - Part I

May 18 2011 ~ A report from Rome on the Beatification of John Paul II. Hear the stories of pilgrims to the Vatican who...

Blessed John Paul II

The late, and now Blessed, John Paul II, whom impacted all our lives eternally, today, on Reflections today from Texas and Florida on...

The Pope John Paul II Impact

Some stories cannot be summarized in letters on a screen, today is one of those times. The Blessed JPII Impact, today, on

Catholic Iraq & John Paul the Great

Catholic Iraq + JPII from on Vimeo.

The Syriac Rite of the Catholic Church has strong devotion to our Papa, the Pope, learn why...

Vlog Breakout Row:

Carmelite Vocations Growing in Tanzania: Vlog # 4

Do you ever feel adrift in the world around you? Do you ever wonder what is my purpose, what is my mission? The vlog...