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A Long Honeymoon Turns Into a Life Calling for Helping the Poor, part 2

Nicole’s story continues today with part 2 from Andahuaylillas, Peru. Today she shares about her work with the youth of Peru. She explains how...

A Long Honeymoon Turns Into a Life Calling for Helping the Poor

High in the Andes near Cusco, Peru, Nicole Koch of Buffalo, New York, gives her moving testimony of faith. Working with the missionary families...

Knocking on Heaven’s Door, from Ireland

When that moment will come, nobody knows, but we can remain ready through fidelity to the Sacraments.

The Power of the Eucharist

In fact, during those tumultuous years of seeking God without much support from the family, it was a brother who told this young man,...

Trusting in God, Fighting for Marriage

It can be difficult to figure out why some things happen in this world. Everyday, situations arise that leave the human race wondering, where...

Terri Schiavo’s Brother - March for Life ’12: video 2

The actions of Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo's brother, to stand up for the vulnerable people of this nation in 2012, should become a rallying...

The Nixon Family - March for Life ’12: video 1

Whatever it takes to bring Ty, Colleen, and little Benedict to your parish for a concert and encounter with God's hands and feet in...

The Little Flower, Another Miracle

Today's story, through the eyes of this mother, is certainly a miracle. No matter what, her friends were not going to give up on...

Down to Earth with Curt Arens, part II

In this second part to Curt's story, we also dive into the Seven Sacraments, and more specifically the Eucharist.

Nightly Rosary Keeps Us Together

The hustle, what's it like in your family? Here is a question to ponder for the beginning of 2012? How many extracurricular activities do...

A Journey from the Head to the Heart, part II

Many Catholics are afraid of confession, or do not see the importance of it in this world, but what is your take? Share your...

Down to Earth with Curt Arens, part I

As Catholics, we strive to understand virtue, and then live out those virtues daily, especially the Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude.

A Universal-Catholic Family (II)

After reflecting on today's story, it is very amazing that God, the creator of the universe, has a vocation for everyone on earth.

A Universal-Catholic Family (I)

Today's story, from Enrico and his family in Colorado, displays very concretely the incredibly rich universality of the Catholic Faith.

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Carmelite Vocations Growing in Tanzania: Vlog # 4

Do you ever feel adrift in the world around you? Do you ever wonder what is my purpose, what is my mission? The vlog...