Jesus in the Eucharist and My Uncle the Exorcist: Part 2

This young man shares part 2 of his story from the Philippines. His Uncle is a Catholic Priest, exorcist, and Godfather. Jas communicates with true joy on how his Uncle truly made an impact on his life through mentoring him during his youth. In addition, Jas shares about the beauty of growing up in the Philippines. The country has such a strong Catholic culture as displayed by Jas’ words; it is very encouraging to see the young people grasp their Catholic faith with such ardor and conviction. Jas is making an impact on the ‘digital continent.’

  • Joseph M. DeMoor

    There is no time like the present…let us continue to wake up with a thankful heart and give thanks for the blessed direction that the Spirit provides each of us that believe…

  • Brigid

    One life to live. One chance to live it. I loved Jas’ words! Thank you OBS team!


    Many thanks for commenting on this video. Jas had some powerful words to share, and as 16 year old nonetheless!

  • dbarto667

    Jaz,in honor of your saintly,loving uncle,I present the following : for 2 million years God’s greatest creation-mankind-has lived according to His will.The industrial revolution changed things.The emphasis now is on consumerism and making a profit.Instead of buying what we need ,we buy what we want. Priests and nuns for 2000 years are good example of buying what they need to do God’s work and not what they want.As a result we now are destroying the earth. 7 billion people using their God -given intelligence can restore God’s will on earth with the help of the business world who is well on its way of reducing our carbon footprint.Peace be with you.

  • dbarto667

    Thanks,Jas for your testimony to the greatness of the Catholic faith and to the greatness of the Philppine culture.

  • dbarto667

    Just watched Part I as well.

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