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The Labouré Society and Toni Garrett’s Vocation Story

22nd August

Good day fans. The video above, and the excerpt below, is a snapshot into the life of Toni Garrett, a hopeful aspirant for the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Watch the video and read below to learn about her story and how you can help her follow God’s path of vocation. Click the Labouré Society logo below to learn more about Toni’s story.

A vignette of Toni’s story: “God and I grappled with one another for four years and finally arrived at a fork in the road. My spiritual director asked me a simple question that changed my life – “What do you hope for?” This question launched me into a conversation with God about the future that He and I had never been in before and it honestly never occurred to me that my Lord would have … Read More »

Google and Faith Bring Vocations to Carmelites in Tanzania

18th July

From his time as an altar boy, Charles felt the call that God was calling him to be a priest. Later, he felt a strong desire to be a priest, but he had not discovered yet his path for priesthood. Therefore, he went to the Internet to search on Google for: Religious Congregations. It just so happened that one of the results was Carmelites of Tanzania. After spending some time with the Carmelites in Tanzania, it was clear that Charles was on a clear path to a vocation in the priesthood thanks to their prayer life and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

More Catholic stories will continue to stream in from Tanzania in the coming days on, check back soon under the ‘Africa’ section.

Why I Came Home to My Catholic Roots in College

17th July

In a shantytown of Lima, Peru, Kelsey Teran shares why she is now so happy to be Catholic after a profound experience of service. Her brother Alan lives in Lima, as he is in formation to become a Sodalit with the Sodalitium Christiane Vitae (Christian Life Movement). When she was invited to go down on a mission trip with the Christian Life Movement, she could not pass up the opportunity to have a taste of what her brother is experiencing on a regular basis in Peru. Though Kelsey was raised Catholic, she fell away from the faith during college when she was immersed in a religious studies major at the University of Colorado. But during her last semester of college, she went on a retreat and saw a skit where Jesus consoles a broken and disheartened girl, and then breathes … Read More »

Language of Love Produces Purpose, Beauty, and Vocations in England

13th July

Sister Emmanuel of Manchester England shares about her life’s journey into a religious order called the Mysteries of Divine Revelation. At first, Sister Emmanuel was not too keen on the idea of serving through a religious life. Over time, the language of love dispersed all doubts of her vocation to the service of the Church through religious life. Despite not knowing Italian, the only postulant in fact, Sister Emmanuel went to Rome to join an Italian based order. Part of their charism and outreach is education through art and beauty. Throughout this video testimony, revelations into the beautiful mystery of Catholicism’s past are uncovered by this Sister’s powerful insights. Experience an English story on this global Catholic mission thanks to Video Missionary John Coats, more coming soon, stay tuned.

Jesus in the Eucharist and My Uncle the Exorcist: Part 2

12th July

This young man shares part 2 of his story from the Philippines. His Uncle is a Catholic Priest, exorcist, and Godfather. Jas communicates with true joy on how his Uncle truly made an impact on his life through mentoring him during his youth. In addition, Jas shares about the beauty of growing up in the Philippines. The country has such a strong Catholic culture as displayed by Jas’ words; it is very encouraging to see the young people grasp their Catholic faith with such ardor and conviction. Jas is making an impact on the ‘digital continent.’

Reflections on Global Catholic Persecution and the Hope Found at World Youth Day

5th July

Today our team shares a very unique combination of reflections from London. The stories told are centered around two points. First, a rally that took place in front of the Pakistani Embassy in London protesting the imprisonment of a Christian in Pakistan. The second point is that despite these challenges, the hope found at World Youth Day events sheds light on the bright future this world has which rests on the shoulders of the youth. World Youth Day 2013 is a prime example of yet another moment in Catholic history when the youth of the world will come forward to tell the true story of 21st century Catholicism. Will our team see you at World Youth Day 2013?

Ricardo Simmonds Traveled the World for a Year in Hopes of Finding God

14th June

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ricardo felt unfulfilled with his life. After completing high school he decided to buy a special plane ticket that allowed him to travel the world traveling in one single direction for a year. He began in India, then went throughout Asia and the South Pacific in search of God or some greater meaning in his life. He studied with gurus, explored Buddhism and Hinduism, and tried to find happiness in surfing in lost islands in the South Pacific. At the end of the trip, he was saddened because he found many good people, but did not find God, the reason for his travels. He went to college for a year in the US (his father is American) and was given the opportunity to go to Peru on a missionary trip to build a park … Read More »

A Young Irishman Shares about Medjugorje’s Profound Impact on His Life: part 2

12th June

Part II from Pio Hartnett in Ireland shares his testimony from within the Catholic faith. Thanks to Video Missionary Adam Conroy in Ireland, our global team has begun seeking out and publishing the heart, soul, and future of the Catholic faith. Check back soon for more stories of faith from the great Catholic heritage of Ireland. Simply click on the location tab above and navigate to the ‘Europe’ section of this global Catholic mission.

God be praised, now and forever!

The Media and Spiritual Warfare: Interview with Father Domie Guzman SSP

27th April

Today’s story arrives from the 7,107 islands of faith in the Philippines. Fr. Domie Guzman discusses with’s Contributor, David Panlilio, about the importance remaining vigilant to the spiritual attacks that are happening in today’s society. At the end of the interview Fr. Guzman gives a great plug for the necessity of using the new media to turn back the tide of spiritual warfare through the power of the Internet and prayer.

Authenticity Triumphs Over Atheism

3rd April

The one and only ‘Annie and Al’ have published a story in English from Brazil! In case you have not heard yet, they are traveling for 6 months through South America as Video Missionaries for and!

You can learn more about their adventure by moving your mouse over the ‘Video Missionaries’ tab at the top of the website. Then click on ‘Annie and Al’ to view their blog, vlog (video blog), and of course Catholic stories and testimonies from their incredible pilgrimage through South America! What is amazing is that the stories they are producing are bi-lingual! They are fluent in spanish and therefore are able to publish blogs, stories, and vlogs in both languages. This takes a lot of work to do all the editing, trust us. If any of the OBS fans reading this … Read More »

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