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John Coats Goes to England: Vlog # 2

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4th August

John Coats Goes to England: Vlog # 1

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4th August

Discerning God’s Call Results in True Happiness, Purpose, Joy

16th July

The ability to discern God’s will in the 21st century is truly a gift. Gavin Landers proves that it can be done this day in age. Few people are able to take the time to make the proper decision to follow God’s path, but he does, and this video proves it. This man’s story brings to light the true wisdom of setting aside proper time to discern God’s will. Check out how he has been discerning in Europe today on More Catholic stories arriving soon from the isle of England from the wheels of John Coats later this week.

Language of Love Produces Purpose, Beauty, and Vocations in England

13th July

Sister Emmanuel of Manchester England shares about her life’s journey into a religious order called the Mysteries of Divine Revelation. At first, Sister Emmanuel was not too keen on the idea of serving through a religious life. Over time, the language of love dispersed all doubts of her vocation to the service of the Church through religious life. Despite not knowing Italian, the only postulant in fact, Sister Emmanuel went to Rome to join an Italian based order. Part of their charism and outreach is education through art and beauty. Throughout this video testimony, revelations into the beautiful mystery of Catholicism’s past are uncovered by this Sister’s powerful insights. Experience an English story on this global Catholic mission thanks to Video Missionary John Coats, more coming soon, stay tuned.

Reflections on Global Catholic Persecution and the Hope Found at World Youth Day

5th July

Today our team shares a very unique combination of reflections from London. The stories told are centered around two points. First, a rally that took place in front of the Pakistani Embassy in London protesting the imprisonment of a Christian in Pakistan. The second point is that despite these challenges, the hope found at World Youth Day events sheds light on the bright future this world has which rests on the shoulders of the youth. World Youth Day 2013 is a prime example of yet another moment in Catholic history when the youth of the world will come forward to tell the true story of 21st century Catholicism. Will our team see you at World Youth Day 2013?

Life is One Grand Adventure After Complete Self-Giving to Jesus Christ

4th July

This young man from England shares his animated story of encountering difficult times during his teenage years, but overcoming those hurdles through the power of Confession. This soon to be Deacon communicates very clearly how confessing one’s sins to a Priest, Jesus Christ, allowed him to see clearly the path that God had set out for his life. By the end of this video it is clear that self-giving, complete self-giving, is the only way to unearth true fulfillment in this world. Thank you Frankie Mulgrew for your incredible story of faith!

Journey Across Europe In Pursuit of Life’s Meaning

2nd July

Lawrence Stuart shares his testimony from London, although most of his story is not based in England, but rather all across Europe. Listen to John’s first story out of England as he continues his pilgrimage around the country in pursuit of the hope within our Catholic faith. Have you ever gone on pilgrimage to find purpose, meaning, and faith? Share your experience below in the comment section.

Discerning the Priesthood and Impact of Blessed John Paul II

9th April

Steve Seguin
Video Missionary in USA


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John Paul II and Mother Teresa, Their 21st c. Impact
‘Yeah, that makes sense, you’re a priest.’

Posted on: 9th April 2012

ASPEN, CO, USA — After a 10 day hiatus from publishing a daily story, the mission returns with some footage from a recent hut trip to the 10th Mount Division training grounds of World War II. The 10 day hiatus was the result of a server issue, which caused the website to crash two weeks ago. Although not all the content is back up to date, we have begun to publish a new story everyday to the ‘digital continent’. Our team just wants to say thanks for your patience and for sticking with us through these challenges.

Today’s Story

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