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Family Separation Struck as a Teenager, Reconciliation Revealed Inner Healing Love of God

7th March

Do With Me As You Please Lord
“It was during the painful period of my life when I realized that God wanted to reach out to me in those darkest moments.”

Published on: March 7th, 2013 — 10:48 AM / OBS: ASIA

QUEZON CITY, THE PHILIPPINES — The experience of a divorce for any child or teenager is never easy. The fracture to the family unit in the modern world is a trend that sadly continues to increase. For Ilsa Reyes, the family divorce was one of the darkest moments in her life, at the age of 13. Despite a strong background in the faith, Ilsa’s parents did eventually separate. (read more below)

David Panlilio
Video Missionary in the Philippines


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produced by: David Panlilio & edited by: Carl Graham

Ilsa’s story is unique for a few different reasons, … Read More »

Father John Nepil Experiences Suffering on his Path to Knowledge of God

11th October

‘The first challenge was over activism’
The suffering was a profound frustration with the way I was trying to medicate my life

Published on: 11th October 2012 — 10:03 AM / OBS: North America

DENVER, CO, USA — By God’s grace, this mission is often blessed to travel across this great nation in pursuit of the ‘one billion Catholic stories.’ But sometimes our team does not have to go far, just up to the mighty Rocky Mountains. During our adventures in the mountains, the opportunity to encounter apostolates within the Catholic faith often arise. These encounters are filled with grace everytime. Why? Because of people like the man in today’s story. Click play and listen to this three minute story. You will understand why the Catholic faith has a chance to come roaring back in the 21st century. Does the name … Read More »

Life is One Grand Adventure After Complete Self-Giving to Jesus Christ

4th July

This young man from England shares his animated story of encountering difficult times during his teenage years, but overcoming those hurdles through the power of Confession. This soon to be Deacon communicates very clearly how confessing one’s sins to a Priest, Jesus Christ, allowed him to see clearly the path that God had set out for his life. By the end of this video it is clear that self-giving, complete self-giving, is the only way to unearth true fulfillment in this world. Thank you Frankie Mulgrew for your incredible story of faith!

Planning One’s Suicide is Overcome by Love of Jesus

2nd June

The love of Jesus and the power of the confessional overcomes the horrible reality of suicide. Hear Francesca share from Ireland her experience of planning, plotting, and eventually confessing her suicide.

Eventually the Catholic Faith Became a Reality

17th April

Seth J. DeMoor
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Taking Your Faith for Granted
‘Catholicism is an event throughout your life, not just one event.’

Posted on: 17th April 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, USA — This mission has hit hard times in the past two weeks. But you just have to keep on trying to persevere through the hurdles of technological difficulties, which we have. If our team were to explain all the events of the past two weeks we would all be in for a paper of dissertation length. Nevertheless, the website should be good to go for quite some time now! We are continuing to update the website one day at a time with all of the content from the past 2 years.

Today’s Story

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A Journey from the Head to the Heart, part II

2nd January

Many Catholics are afraid of confession, or do not see the importance of it in this world, but what is your take? Share your thoughts or experience of confession below this video.

Fr. Matt Williams Encounters Stories and… (II)

16th December

Today’s story is the second installment of Fr. Matt Williams’ reversion to the Catholic Faith. Despite years of Catholic schools, the personal relationship with Catholicism never really took root during his youth. A trip to Medjugorie fixed that in 1994, which you heard about last week. But now, his second journey to Bosnia and Medjugorie leads Fr. Matt Williams to even bigger questions than, ‘do I really have to go to confession?’ The question of discernment is on the horizon for this Catholic seeker of truth.

Confession at Holy Hill

8th September

September 8th 2011 ~ When was the last time you went to confession? This man shares about the best confession experience of his life from Holy Hill in Wisconsin today on Tweet out to your family and friends using the button above.

Confession Forty Years Later

1st March

A loved one’s invitation to the healing power of confession. A Sacrament within the Church that is impacting people’s testimonies all around the world. Are you ready to return to the Sacrament of confession?