Life is One Grand Adventure After Complete Self-Giving to Jesus Christ

This young man from England shares his animated story of encountering difficult times during his teenage years, but overcoming those hurdles through the power of Confession. This soon to be Deacon communicates very clearly how confessing one’s sins to a Priest, Jesus Christ, allowed him to see clearly the path that God had set out for his life. By the end of this video it is clear that self-giving, complete self-giving, is the only way to unearth true fulfillment in this world. Thank you Frankie Mulgrew for your incredible story of faith!

  • Joseph M. DeMoor

    What great enthusiasm and let us all strive to wake up each day ignited with the Holy Spirit and smile. Reaching out in the simple ways of Christ will change our sometimes cold society. Great interview and thank you…

  • SJD

    He really did a great job sharing the conviction within his heart! Thanks for the comment!

  • Daniel V.Bartolomei,Jr.

    Frankie-WOW.God has blessed you.God is great and so is His only Son.Thanks,Frankie for your testimony.