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Our Outlook on 21st Century Media Services

Our think tank of young Video Missionaries is ready to aid your family (or organization) in communicating your Catholic story through beautiful 21st century media. Imagine having a page on OneBillionStories.com dedicated to sharing through film, photo, and sound, the legacy of your family’s Catholic heritage and convictions. Your personal page on this website would be a digital keepsake that would forever be available for future generations to experience your family’s Catholic story.

Click here to see an example of a family page.

Important areas of Catholic culture that could be shared online with family & friends:

First Holy Communion
Family Pilgrimages
Parish Life
House Blessings
Holy Matrimony
Consecration to Mary
Scripture Studies
Family Dinners
Holy Orders
Music, Theater, & Classical Art
Last rites and The Requiem Mass

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Video Production Capabilities

• HD quality video production: Canon 7D technology & interchangeable lenses, and GoPro Hero 3
• Unmatched audio quality with Zoom H4n, Audio Technica, and Boom Pole tools
• Professional motion control with cranes, sliders, dollies, & tripods
• Final Cut X editing software
• DVD/CD production
• Access to the OneBillionStories.com online social networks

How to get started?

• E-mail [email protected] to set up a meeting
• We meet with you one-on-one to learn about your mission and goals; preferably in person
• After the vision is cast, a unique package of media and pricing is built around your goals and dreams for sharing your family’s Catholic story

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