Thank You Archbishop Chaput

Where to begin in explaining today’s video? Only the Lord knows the vast impact that Archbishop Charles Chaput had upon the Archdiocese of . Constraining this man’s spiritual impact into a set of letters on a screen is unjust, but we must attempt. Archbishop’s love, leadership, and courageous teaching record was part of the spiritual nourishment that led to the founder of’s personal reversion to the Catholic faith.

Today’s Story

Seth DeMoor, this mission’s founder and president, encountered Truth in college from the hearts of two young priests, Fr. Kevin Augustyn, and Fr. Peter Mussett. These two Catholic priests came to the University of Colorado at Boulder because of Archbishop Chaput. Seth states often that ‘it was the wisdom of Archbishop Chaput’s decision to send two faithful young priests to CU that brought him into full fidelity with the Magisterium.’ Without the discovery of Truth at CU, this website’s mission would have never launched on January 3rd, 2010, beginning with a cross country bike ride in the name of Christ and His Church. Therefore, Archbishop Chaput’s ‘Thank You’ video from his final Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in , Colorado, is truly a bitter-sweet occasion for the Catholics of Colorado and beyond. This man’s steadfast and humble proclamation of the truth through the Gospels is unmatched in the eyes of most Catholics who encountered his life during the 12 years in .


Moving forward, we say goodbye to you Archbishop Chaput. Many thought that we Catholics could grow old with our beloved shepherd. But that is exactly the point of true faith in Christ; it is not our thoughts that matter, but God’s divine plan for all souls entrusted to the bishops of the world. As you will hear in Archbishop’s final words to his flock, ‘I will be saying Mass for a new people next month, but how could I forget you.’ ABC, we could not agree more about you, your life will never be forgotten by your friends, and now family in .

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Readings for 31st August 2011
First: Colossians 1:1-8
Responsorial: Psalm 52
Second: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31
Gospel: Luke 4:38-44

Rosary: Glorious Mysteries
1. Resurrection
2. Ascension
3. Descent of the Holy Spirit
4. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
5. Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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