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Archdiocese of Denver remains steadfast with ongoing growth of Priesthood

20th May

filmed & edited by: Jon Ervin, Jake Machado, Seth James DeMoor

Published on: 20th May 2014 — 12:43 PM / OBS: North America


Colorado Family Shares Stories on the Life of John Paul II

23rd April


Click here to watch more stories on the life of John Paul II



Published on: April 23rd 2014 — 10:09 AM / OBS: NORTH AMERICA / Denver, Colorado Contributor - Seth DeMoor / @1BillionStories

Abuse and Drugs led Kenn Cramer to question everything, including, “What is Happiness?”

19th December

produced & edited by: Seth James DeMoor / music by: Pompeii, David Tolk

My Family Life was not Easy on the Western Slope
“God kept His promise, He did not let me die.”

Published on: December 19th 2013 — 1:03 PM / OBS: North America / DENVER, CO Contributor - Seth James DeMoor
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Colorado Triathlete Brad Seng Perseveres with Faith, Overcomes Triathlon & Life Challenges

26th August

When I moved to Boulder, my Faith took off
‘I’m going to give you this gift, I want you to use it for my glory.’

Published on: 27th August 2013 — 1:03 AM / OBS: North America

produced & edited by: Lisa Driscoll, Seth James DeMoor / music by: Cardiac Move

BOULDER, CO, USA — Colorado Triathlete Brad Seng resides in Boulder Colorado where he trains for triathlons as a professional athlete. Can you imagine swimming for 2.4 miles, biking for 112 miles, and just to make sure you do not have too much energy left over, run a full marathon of 26.2 miles? Those three events are run back to back to back (in 1 day!), and is exactly what Brad Seng trains for as a Triathlete in Colorado. The rigors and discipline create quite the training regimen. … Read More »

50 States in 50 Hours

12th August

Inspire at least one person from every state in the USA to partner with OBS as a monthly benefactor (donor), all within a 50 hour window (Delaware, Arkansas, Oregon, Alaska, at least 1 from every state)

Published on: August 12th 2013 — 12:15 PM / OBS: North America

Denver, CO, USA — It’s time to unleash the power of story-telling to millions of online viewers, and we need your help to do it. Will you help us bring Christ to the Internet?
Our team is asking you now to support us with a monthly donation so that we can continue to bring you inspiring stories to the Internet.

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Seven Acts of Mercy was our Mission at World Youth Day, Now We Go Home to Live

27th July

Rio Streets Equals Time for Mercy & Love
‘World Youth Day Ignites Charity in Hearts of Missionaries in Brazil and Beyond, in the World & Online’

Published on: July 28th 2013 — 1:15 AM / OBS: South America

produced & edited by: Seth James DeMoor, Annie & Al Palmquist, David Panlilio, Felipe Lizarzaburu

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — We came together from all corners of the world to love, serve, and film at World Youth Day 2013 in Brazil. Film what you ask? The suffering of the human race, and how Christ shows us the way to overcome that suffering through the Seven Acts of Mercy. In filming over the last 10 days in Brazil, the challenges were many, but the grace of God brought us through. Tonight, at the closing vigil with millions of young … Read More »

Quick OBS Update from the Beaches of Rio for World Youth Day 2013: Vlog 7

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26th July

Our camera man Felipe from Ecuador decided it would be good for a close up angle, wow!

Quick and simple post from the press tent in Rio. The sun is back, Pope Francis is here nearby, pilgrims are excited for the stations, and God willing we bring you more images soon from Rio! World Youth Day is in full swing here.

San Jose California Youth at World Youth Day in Rio

26th July

We found some American youth up at the Cristo Redentor statue overlooking the city of Rio. They reflect on their journey thus far as pilgrims, and the benefit knowing their faith better through the Catechism.

World Youth Day Brings OBS Team and Pilgrims Together: Vlog 6

25th July

An Encounter With True Joy, Purpose
Watch the Smiles, See the Hope, Experience Him who Gave All for Us

Published on: July 25th 2013 — 9:58 PM / OBS: South America

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL — Al from Lima has arrived! Yes, we made it to Rio, the entire OBS team from around the world. Annie, Al, David, and Seth, together at last after many many hours in front of screen on skype. Thankfully World Youth Day is an encounter with grace, which equates to miracles every day in the streets of Rio, which we just learned today with Al’s arrival. (read more below)

Seth J. DeMoor
Founder & Video Missionary, USA


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produced & edited by: David Panlilio, Annie Palmquist, Seth James DeMoor / music by: Tiffany Alvord & The Piano Guys

And the entire OBS … Read More »

Pope Francis Arrives in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day 2013: Vlog 5

24th July

The Holy Father Has Arrived!
‘Pope Francis looks right at #OBS camera in the streets of Rio’

Published on: July 23rd 2013 — 5:58 PM / OBS: North America

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL — FRANCISCO - FRANCISCO - FRANCISCO echoed through the streets of Rio today. The energy of the young people could have matched a Brazilian versus Argentinian soccer match, Watch video to decide. The chant must have been heard for many city blocks in Rio. And of course, the locals joined in from their store fronts and balcony windows. (read more below)

Seth J. DeMoor
Founder & Video Missionary, USA


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produced & edited by: David Panlilio, Annie Palmquist, Seth James DeMoor / music by: Mumford & Sons

Once you watch this video from World Youth Day, you will understand many levels of Catholic tradition, passion, … Read More »

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