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Archdiocese of Denver remains steadfast with ongoing growth of Priesthood

20th May

filmed & edited by: Jon Ervin, Jake Machado, Seth James DeMoor

Published on: 20th May 2014 — 12:43 PM / OBS: North America


Denver, the Mile High City, Receives Seven Men to Christ’s Priesthood at Cathedral on Colfax Avenue

20th May

‘…I Will Make You Fishers of Men’
Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver ordains seven men to the Catholic priesthood

Published on: May 20th 2013 — 10:09 AM / OBS: North America

music by: St. John Vianney Theological Seminary - Denver, CO

DENVER, CO, USA — Twenty years after World Youth Day 1993 in Denver, vocations to the priesthood in the Mile High City are on the rise. Strong evidence for the infusion of the Holy Spirit’s work in northern Colorado was on display at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception this past Saturday, as seven men laid down their life in service to Christ’s priesthood. Through God’s grace, and these men’s “YES” to Christ’s call, the Archdiocese of Denver received a huge boost of ‘ardor’ for the future work of the Church and the New Evangelization.

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Perpetual Promises of Full Apostolic Availability of Ricardo Simmonds, S.C.V.

4th February

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae Perpetual Promises
“I, Ricardo Simmonds, commit myself before God and the Sodalit community, and invite myself to keep for all the days of my life, obedience and celibacy.”

Published on: February 4th, 2013 — 1:42 PM / OBS: North America

DENVER, CO, USA — A few words must be said at the outset to set up today’s video from Holy Name Parish in the Archdiocese of Denver. It begins with Ricardo Simmonds’ quest for happiness after high school, first through the reading and study of philosophy and new age spirituality. Through that dialogue with ancient texts, Ricardo came to the conclusion that in the world there was this concept of God, or something greater than himself. He realized that pursuing this transcendent person and finding him was the only life pursuit in this world that would make … Read More »

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