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Denver, the Mile High City, Receives Seven Men to Christ’s Priesthood at Cathedral on Colfax Avenue

20th May

‘…I Will Make You Fishers of Men’
Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver ordains seven men to the Catholic priesthood

Published on: May 20th 2013 — 10:09 AM / OBS: North America

DENVER, CO, USA — Twenty years after World Youth Day 1993 in Denver, vocations to the priesthood in the Mile High City are on the rise. Strong evidence for the infusion of the Holy Spirit’s work in northern Colorado was on display at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception this past Saturday, as seven men laid down their life in service to Christ’s priesthood. Through God’s grace, and these men’s “YES” to Christ’s call, the Archdiocese of Denver received a huge boost of ‘ardor’ for the future work of the Church and the New Evangelization.

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God Listens to Stories from Carmelites in Tanzania

24th July

Coming from India to Tanzania has been quite a journey for Godwin Rodrigues. A native of Mangalore, he grew up with many challenges in his previous life. After singing in a heavy rock metal band he discovered that there must be more to life than screaming lyrics into a microphone. Through intentional discernment, he decided that it was time to commit his life to Christ through the Carmelite order. Listening to his story makes one aware very quickly that peace and happiness indeed is possible at the foot of Cross.

Google and Faith Bring Vocations to Carmelites in Tanzania

18th July

From his time as an altar boy, Charles felt the call that God was calling him to be a priest. Later, he felt a strong desire to be a priest, but he had not discovered yet his path for priesthood. Therefore, he went to the Internet to search on Google for: Religious Congregations. It just so happened that one of the results was Carmelites of Tanzania. After spending some time with the Carmelites in Tanzania, it was clear that Charles was on a clear path to a vocation in the priesthood thanks to their prayer life and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

More Catholic stories will continue to stream in from Tanzania in the coming days on, check back soon under the ‘Africa’ section, which under the ‘Global Presence’ tab above.

Discerning God’s Call Results in True Happiness, Purpose, Joy

16th July

The ability to discern God’s will in the 21st century is truly a gift. Gavin Landers proves that it can be done this day in age. Few people are able to take the time to make the proper decision to follow God’s path, but he does, and this video proves it. This man’s story brings to light the true wisdom of setting aside proper time to discern God’s will. Check out how he has been discerning in Europe today on More Catholic stories arriving soon from the isle of England from the wheels of John Coats later this week.

My Parents Left the Catholic Church, Part II

24th November

November 24th 2011 ~ The pursuit of one’s vocation continues up north in Wisconsin. Hear about the influence of a youth summer camp called Catholic Youth Expeditions and the inspiration of a priest from the badger state. Has your story been influence by Fr. Quinn? Our team would love to hear about your story, e-mail [email protected] to share it with the world through

I Had To Escape

20th April

Drinking in excess led to…

Give your Addictions to Christ

5th April

Another Video Missionary produces today’s story for the ‘digital continent’ from Florida. Listen to this ‘Prodigal Son’ story of authentic dyeing to self, and seeking the Lord in all things. What’s your addiction? How will you overcome it?

Send Me A Sign: III

7th March

A young man finally says YES! After running for four years from the seminary, he knew it was time, ‘you can only run for so long.’

A Seminarian Update - 2011

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14th February

‘Discernement Into Seminary’ - part I (2010)

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Seminarian John Michael Simpson from Nashville!

12th February

Young man from Nashville, Tennessee talks about his upbringing in the faith and future call within the Church. Are you a man discerning the priesthood? Do you hear the call to share your story? Our team invites you to discuss the story from John Michael, and your story, below in the comment section.