God Listens to Stories from Carmelites in Tanzania

Coming from India to Tanzania has been quite a journey for Godwin Rodrigues. A native of Mangalore, he grew up with many challenges in his previous life. After singing in a heavy rock metal band he discovered that there must be more to life than screaming lyrics into a microphone. Through intentional discernment, he decided that it was time to commit his life to Christ through the Carmelite order. Listening to his story makes one aware very quickly that peace and happiness indeed is possible at the foot of Cross.


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  • dbarto667

    Best wishes Godwin.My Mother’s name came from Caserta,Italy-Carmela. My wonderful and loving girlfriend-Margaret-was by my side for 44 years,She recently joined me forever. Like my deaf brother -George- she speaks to me daily using sign language.Peace be with you.Godwin, now and forever.

  • dbarto667

    frica,Asia,The Middle East,Israel,Iran,North and South America,Russia-in summary-all Mothers are a gift from God and Fathers as well,esp. Father Godwin Rodrigues.

  • dbarto667

    Mitt Romney and I agree,God bless all loving and self sacrificing Mothers including Queen Elizabeth and all Mothers and Fathers in this world-

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