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God Listens to Stories from Carmelites in Tanzania

24th July

Coming from India to Tanzania has been quite a journey for Godwin Rodrigues. A native of Mangalore, he grew up with many challenges in his previous life. After singing in a heavy rock metal band he discovered that there must be more to life than screaming lyrics into a microphone. Through intentional discernment, he decided that it was time to commit his life to Christ through the Carmelite order. Listening to his story makes one aware very quickly that peace and happiness indeed is possible at the foot of Cross.

Discerning Service to the Kingdom Through Carmelite Spirituality

6th July

Edwin Mushi from Morogoro Tanzania shares about his journey of discerning God’s will for his life. Through many years of persistent prayer and engagement with Carmelite spirituality, Edwin Mushi is ready to commit his life to the service of God’s Kingdom as a priest. This video was filmed in June 2012 at the formation house for the Carmelites of Tanzania in Morogoro. Continue to check back often as more Catholic stories arrive on from the great continent of Africa.

Ricardo Simmonds Traveled the World for a Year in Hopes of Finding God

14th June

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ricardo felt unfulfilled with his life. After completing high school he decided to buy a special plane ticket that allowed him to travel the world traveling in one single direction for a year. He began in India, then went throughout Asia and the South Pacific in search of God or some greater meaning in his life. He studied with gurus, explored Buddhism and Hinduism, and tried to find happiness in surfing in lost islands in the South Pacific. At the end of the trip, he was saddened because he found many good people, but did not find God, the reason for his travels. He went to college for a year in the US (his father is American) and was given the opportunity to go to Peru on a missionary trip to build a park … Read More »

Father Vincent Minnelli Encounters the Missionary Life of Christ – part 2

16th May

Today we air part 2 from Father Vincent Minnelli in Cusco, Peru. Father Vincent serves with Missionary Servants of the Poor in Peru. Now, Father Vincent is in charge of the minor seminary in Peru. Most of the young boys were altar boys for Father Vincent, and thanks to Father, they were led to discerning the priesthood. Now, as rector, it is amazing for Father Vincent to watch the formation of these young men from altar servers to the seminary. Enjoy this part 2 story thanks to Video Missionaries Annie and Al of New York state.

Father Vincent Minnelli Encounters the Missionary Life of Christ - part 1

14th May

Father Vincent Minnelli was not raised Catholic in his native Mexico. In fact, he was not even baptized until he was 16 years old. Eventually, he came to find solace in his heavenly mother Mary through the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father Vincent needed someone to love him, someone to guide him through this difficult life. Eventually his discernment brought him to the doorstep of a very missionary way of life, which he begins to explain in this part I video. Part II will air on Wednesday!

Annie & Al Palmquist

Video Missionaries in South America

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Invitation to Priesthood: Oblates of the Blessed Virgin Mary part two

21st March

This mas path landed him not in the diocesan priesthood, but religious, with the Oblates of the Blessed Virgin Mary invitation to priesthood

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae Reveals Meaning of Life

19th March

Seth James DeMoor

Missionary Director in USA
Founder, President, Video Missionary

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What is the Meaning of Life?

‘I had everything that one person could ever want: great education, girlfriend, family, material things…but I was not happy.’

Posted on: 19th March 2012

ST PAUL, MN — Encountering truth can wreak havoc in one’s life; havoc in direction of true good that is. That is the case in today’s story from Adam Ureneck as he discovers the meaning of life through an encounter with Christ, through Mary. In fact, it is Queen of Heaven whom Adam credits to his conversion.

Today’s Story

Her shining example in the darkness led him to her son, Jesus Christ, and eventually, a vocation with the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae. You see, Adam had everything. Adam had all the … Read More »

From Kansas to Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput

3rd February

During this story, we hear about some of Archbishop’s fondest memories growing up in Kansas.

Back to Full Communion with the Church

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31st January

The Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church emerged from a group of ‘traditionalists’ who unfortunately, had fallen away from the Church.

MTV or Braveheart?

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31st January

An ultra super crazy pagan at Franciscan University of Steubenville encounters a story in 1995, but which one?

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