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Our Day of Rest: La Compañía de Jesús in Quito, Ecuador

19th August

In the thick of the historical district of Ecuador’s capital, lies the Church of the Society of Jesus (aka: La Compañía de Jesús). Though very unassuming from the outside, this church is absolutely awe inspiring when you enter. GOLD GOLD GOLD, everywhere you look, up, down, left, right, up-side-down and inside-out, GOLD surrounds you. Over 7 TONS OF GOLD were used to glorify God in the construction of this church’s interior. Enough said.

Why I Came Home to My Catholic Roots in College

17th July

In a shantytown of Lima, Peru, Kelsey Teran shares why she is now so happy to be Catholic after a profound experience of service. Her brother Alan lives in Lima, as he is in formation to become a Sodalit with the Sodalitium Christiane Vitae (Christian Life Movement). When she was invited to go down on a mission trip with the Christian Life Movement, she could not pass up the opportunity to have a taste of what her brother is experiencing on a regular basis in Peru. Though Kelsey was raised Catholic, she fell away from the faith during college when she was immersed in a religious studies major at the University of Colorado. But during her last semester of college, she went on a retreat and saw a skit where Jesus consoles a broken and disheartened girl, and then breathes … Read More »

Ricardo Simmonds Traveled the World for a Year in Hopes of Finding God

14th June

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ricardo felt unfulfilled with his life. After completing high school he decided to buy a special plane ticket that allowed him to travel the world traveling in one single direction for a year. He began in India, then went throughout Asia and the South Pacific in search of God or some greater meaning in his life. He studied with gurus, explored Buddhism and Hinduism, and tried to find happiness in surfing in lost islands in the South Pacific. At the end of the trip, he was saddened because he found many good people, but did not find God, the reason for his travels. He went to college for a year in the US (his father is American) and was given the opportunity to go to Peru on a missionary trip to build a park … Read More »

College Students Encounter Truth Through Missionary Work in Peru

7th June

A group of college students from University of Colorado at Boulder came to Peru for 2 weeks to help the poor in the outskirts of Lima. The area called Los Rosales is a very new area where the very poor have stettled but have very limited water and almost no electricity. The streets are dusty, and right in the middle of the community are pig stalls where they feed the pigs with garbage. The smell of the pigs, garbage, and the sound of squealing pigs surrounds you. The group of college students are laying cement stairways that go up the hill in hopes to begin to develop the area so the government will recognize them as a settled area in need of aid. Hear the experiences of two students on the missionary trip and also Ricardo, the Sodalit that is … Read More »

Our Day of Rest - San Cristóbal Hill

27th May

Near downtown Santiago a large hill rises 300 meters above the rest of the metropolitan landscape. Riding in a cable car to reach the top (possibly the same one in which Blessed John Paul II rode), you hear the guitarist’s tune fade into the background as the ascent slowly reveals a spectacular view of the city. The first two things you’ll encounter after disembarking (that is, if you didn’t take a detour to the zoo about half way up) are the outdoor Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception and the modest chapel devoted to the Motherhood of Mary. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception awaits her visitors at the peak (which is the 2nd highest in the city), standing a mighty 22 meters tall with the crescent moon and serpent beneath her feet.

A Long Honeymoon Turns Into a Life Calling for Helping the Poor, part 2

21st May

Nicole’s story continues today with part 2 from Andahuaylillas, Peru. Today she shares about her work with the youth of Peru. She explains how she and the Missionary Servants of the Poor share the hope of Christ with the youth. One book that she recommends is Imitation of Christ, which acts in many ways as her spiritual director for deepening her relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, she shares some interesting insights in to the seminary life in this part of Peru. You will be amazed at how this order is safe guarding the vocations of Peru’s young people; because as we all know the culture of 2012 continues to try and steal away what God has given to many young people. Be sure to check out part 1 from last week by clicking back to the homepage.

A Long Honeymoon Turns Into a Life Calling for Helping the Poor

17th May

High in the Andes near Cusco, Peru, Nicole Koch of Buffalo, New York, gives her moving testimony of faith. Working with the missionary families of the Missionary Servants of the Poor of the Third World, she devotes her own life and together with her husband and three children, her family’s life to God. Watch as she explains what attracted them there, why God called them to this life, and the work of their mission.

Annie & Al Palmquist

Video Missionaries in South America

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Father Vincent Minnelli Encounters the Missionary Life of Christ – part 2

16th May

Today we air part 2 from Father Vincent Minnelli in Cusco, Peru. Father Vincent serves with Missionary Servants of the Poor in Peru. Now, Father Vincent is in charge of the minor seminary in Peru. Most of the young boys were altar boys for Father Vincent, and thanks to Father, they were led to discerning the priesthood. Now, as rector, it is amazing for Father Vincent to watch the formation of these young men from altar servers to the seminary. Enjoy this part 2 story thanks to Video Missionaries Annie and Al of New York state.

Father Vincent Minnelli Encounters the Missionary Life of Christ - part 1

14th May

Father Vincent Minnelli was not raised Catholic in his native Mexico. In fact, he was not even baptized until he was 16 years old. Eventually, he came to find solace in his heavenly mother Mary through the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father Vincent needed someone to love him, someone to guide him through this difficult life. Eventually his discernment brought him to the doorstep of a very missionary way of life, which he begins to explain in this part I video. Part II will air on Wednesday!

Annie & Al Palmquist

Video Missionaries in South America

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Our Day of Rest: La Gruta, Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina

12th May

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in Alta Gracia, Argentina is a very large outdoor shrine with a strong devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. There are Masses every weekend in the space right next to the shrine. A Chapel was also built up on the hill on the other side, and that is the chapel that houses the white image of Mary that appeared last August (2011) and is still there. It is an unexplainable presence of Mary, no one knows for sure why it is there but we think that it is Mary calling our attention to come back to the Church and to come back to Jesus.

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