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Raquel Kato’s 21st Birthday Party Changed LIFE Forever

15th April

I was that Girl that Could Not Say No
‘God pierced my soul when I was all alone, wandering in the darkness’

Published on: April 15th, 2013 — 11:19 AM / OBS: North America

GREELEY, CO, USA — Her world was turned upside down. She was single. Alone. Afraid. Her 21st birthday party led to trying moments, in the middle of college. Abusing alcohol led to decisions, choices, defining life moments, and eventually a little life inside of her; a little baby girl moving, breathing, and learning the love of this world through the womb of her mother. A place, the womb of a mother, which was once considered the safest place on earth for babies. (more below)

music by: David Thies, The Album Leaf, As Colorful as Ever / filmed by: Jon Ervin, Seth James DeMoor / edited by: … Read More »

A Long Honeymoon Turns Into a Life Calling for Helping the Poor, part 2

21st May

Nicole’s story continues today with part 2 from Andahuaylillas, Peru. Today she shares about her work with the youth of Peru. She explains how she and the Missionary Servants of the Poor share the hope of Christ with the youth. One book that she recommends is Imitation of Christ, which acts in many ways as her spiritual director for deepening her relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, she shares some interesting insights in to the seminary life in this part of Peru. You will be amazed at how this order is safe guarding the vocations of Peru’s young people; because as we all know the culture of 2012 continues to try and steal away what God has given to many young people. Be sure to check out part 1 from last week by clicking back to the homepage.

A Long Honeymoon Turns Into a Life Calling for Helping the Poor

17th May

High in the Andes near Cusco, Peru, Nicole Koch of Buffalo, New York, gives her moving testimony of faith. Working with the missionary families of the Missionary Servants of the Poor of the Third World, she devotes her own life and together with her husband and three children, her family’s life to God. Watch as she explains what attracted them there, why God called them to this life, and the work of their mission.

Annie & Al Palmquist

Video Missionaries in South America

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