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Holy Weight by Musa Farmand

8th July

July 9 2011 ~ It has to be the Holy Spirit bringing you today’s story from Musa Farmand. Once again, if you tell God your plans, get ready for a good laugh. Well today, he certainly made me laugh as I stumble upon Musa again, but this time in Nashville, TN! Spread this video around to family and friends if you like it.

Rushad Thomas Discovers Catholicism in Florida, part 3

9th April

Part 3 of 3 on a series from a young man in Florida who shares his journey home.

Rushad Thomas Discovers Catholicism in Florida, part 2

7th April

Part 2 of a series from a young man in Florida who shares his journey home.

Rushad Thomas Discovers Catholicism in Florida, part 1

5th April

Rushad Thomas from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida shares part one of his conversion stories from the Baptist faith to the Catholic faith. Rushad is a great young man who is passionately in love with his Catholic faith. Seth and Rushad first met at the 2010 March for Life in St. Augustine, Florida during Seth’s pilgrimage across the country. Then, a week later, unbeknownst to Seth, the Brotherhood of Hope was able to get him a place to stay at Rushad’s apartment in Tallahassee. It was one of those crazy Holy Spirit moments on the pilgrimage across the country. Now, click play above to listen to this great Catholic story from Florida State University.

‘Love Is’ inspired by Mother Teresa

24th January

Mother Teresa’s life is changing lives, especially through the art of music and Musa Farmand’s talents. Recorded in Musa’s garage, he plays a beautiful song titled ‘Love Is.’ Musa has appeared on a couple of times now and hopefully we are able to catch up with him again in the not so distant future.

Has your story been impacted by the life of Mother Teresa, her story? Share your story below in the comment section and check back soon for more music from Musa Farmand.

March For Life 2010

21st January

One the first Catholic pilgrimage across the country, Seth DeMoor encountered many stories and testimonies centered around the impact of the American pro-life movement. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Seth DeMoor was led to the streets of St. Augustine, Florida, where they held a march and rally for life in the streets of one of the oldest Catholic cities in the country. This is the first video where Rushad Thomas and Seth DeMoor met along his 2,400 mile cycle ride across the country. Truly the Holy Spirit was at work to bring us together to share these videos and stories.

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