‘Love Is’ inspired by Mother Teresa

’s life is changing lives, especially through the art of music and Musa Farmand’s talents. Recorded in Musa’s garage, he plays a beautiful song titled ‘Love Is.’ Musa has appeared on a couple of times now and hopefully we are able to catch up with him again in the not so distant future.

Has your story been impacted by the life of , her story? Share your story below in the comment section and check back soon for more music from Musa Farmand.

  • John

    Wow, I love this song! It’s amazing. Who says there can’t be cool, awesome Catholics and of course great music!!

  • Christy

    Brilliant, Musa! Absolutely loved it, but next time write a brilliant song and pay attention in class….just kidding!

  • Alex

    Well thought out, well written, well played. So different than 98%of music today. Keep spreading the word buddy

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