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Love was not Safe, but God made Crystalina Evert new, part one

3rd January

produced & edited by: David Panlilio, Carl Graham / photos by: Dominic Barrios


“All Respect was Thrown out the Window”
I longed to not be ashamed of myself

Published on: January 3rd 2014 — 11:03 AM / OBS: ASIA / Manila, Philippines Contributors - David Panlilio & Carl Graham
@OBS_Philippines // Special Thanks to: Catalyst of UA&P (University of Asia and the Pacific) & I Keep Love Real (Real Love Revolution)


Knowing my Past Life, she Knelt Down and Kissed my Feet

20th December

produced & edited by: Annie & Al Palmquist, Felipe Lizarzaburu, David Panlilio, Seth DeMoor


The Drugs Started Complicating My Life
“I will never stop fighting alongside you”

Published on: December 19th 2013 — 5:03 PM / OBS: South America / Teresópolis, Brazil Contributors - Annie & Al Palmquist


Abuse and Drugs led Kenn Cramer to question everything, including, “What is Happiness?”

19th December

produced & edited by: Seth James DeMoor / music by: Pompeii, David Tolk

My Family Life was not Easy on the Western Slope
“God kept His promise, He did not let me die.”

Published on: December 19th 2013 — 1:03 PM / OBS: North America / DENVER, CO Contributor - Seth James DeMoor
@SethJamesDeMoor — 303.709.3804



Seven Acts of Mercy was our Mission at World Youth Day, Now We Go Home to Live

27th July

Rio Streets Equals Time for Mercy & Love
‘World Youth Day Ignites Charity in Hearts of Missionaries in Brazil and Beyond, in the World & Online’

Published on: July 28th 2013 — 1:15 AM / OBS: South America

produced & edited by: Seth James DeMoor, Annie & Al Palmquist, David Panlilio, Felipe Lizarzaburu

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — We came together from all corners of the world to love, serve, and film at World Youth Day 2013 in Brazil. Film what you ask? The suffering of the human race, and how Christ shows us the way to overcome that suffering through the Seven Acts of Mercy. In filming over the last 10 days in Brazil, the challenges were many, but the grace of God brought us through. Tonight, at the closing vigil with millions of young … Read More »

“Yo Fui Diagnosticada con Cáncer.”

15th December

“Yo Fui Diagnosticada con Cáncer.”

Blessed Virgin Mary

19th April

Mary’s impact in a life from Florida: whatever is bothering me, the Blessed Virgin Mary will help me overcome life’s challenges.

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