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Love was not Safe, but God made Crystalina Evert new, part one

3rd January

produced & edited by: David Panlilio, Carl Graham / photos by: Dominic Barrios


“All Respect was Thrown out the Window”
I longed to not be ashamed of myself

Published on: January 3rd 2014 — 11:03 AM / OBS: ASIA / Manila, Philippines

OneBillionStories.com Contributors - David Panlilio & Carl Graham
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Dating an Orthodox Catholic Girl was a Top Priority

18th April

‘Dating Strong Catholics Is Key For Me’
Pure in Heart Boston taught this young man the true purpose of dating.

Published on: 18th April 2012

BOSTON, MA, USA — By God’s grace, this mission is often blessed to travel across this great nation in pursuit of the ‘one billion Catholic stories.’ During those travels, the opportunity to encounter apostolates within the Catholic faith often arise. These encounters are filled with grace. Why? Because of people like the gentleman in today’s video below. Click play and listen to this three minute story. You will understand why ‘dating an orthodox Catholic’ is so important for his life, and for the younger generation of Catholics who continue to make an impact on the culture.

Seth J. DeMoor
Founder & Video Missionary, USA


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This impact is not pushed upon anyone, but rather presented … Read More »

Digging into Faith through Dating

28th September

September 28th 2011 ~ Who’s dated a protestant? What was your experience like? Was it all bliss, or where there challenges that had to be overcome? Share your thoughts in the comment section below this video. Comments must be screened before posted. Thanks, from the OBS team

Dating Fast

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21st November

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