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Love was not Safe, but God made Crystalina Evert new, part one

3rd January

produced & edited by: David Panlilio, Carl Graham / photos by: Dominic Barrios


“All Respect was Thrown out the Window”
I longed to not be ashamed of myself

Published on: January 3rd 2014 — 11:03 AM / OBS: ASIA / Manila, Philippines

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Former America’s Next Top Model Leah Darrow Reflects on Reversion to Catholicism, True Sexuality

21st December

The World Made Vice & Sin Look Attractive
‘Pornography is not that you see too much of a person, but that you see too little; we’re a whole person with value and dignity.’

Published on: December 21st, 2012 — 9:33 AM / OBS: ASIA
Click here to watch Part 2 from this interview with Leah Darrow

music by: Christopher Graham

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES — In September, Leah Darrow and Chris Stefanick spoke to massive crowds in the Philippines on the topic of human dignity and authentic love. What must be known from the outset is that Leah Darrow was raised Catholic, a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, and willingly admits that she was formerly a huge proponent of ‘theology of me,’ before a personal St. Paul moment. Before the St. Paul awakening in Leah’s heart, contraceptives from Planned Parenthood, … Read More »

Chasitity, Purity, & My Story

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12th December

Chastity, Purity, Theology of the Body, what do these words mean in the 21st century? Where is the human race now with Purity in God’s plan for procreation?

Perhaps it is a divine answer that Blessed John Paul the Great wrote Love & Responsibility and then Theology of the Body during the 60s & 70s, when the attack on human sexuality truly began. Without guidance from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, where would we find our wisdom and guidance in the realm of human sexuality?

MTV? HBO? People Magazine?

Those are scarey thoughts to think about, but unfortunately it is reality for many Americans, especially the youth. Moving forward, perhaps it is stories like this gentleman’s that will turn the tide back to purity and chastity in the 21st century. God willing, this man will help turn the tide, at least in Ireland. Another of the ‘One Billion Catholic Stories’ coming right to your screen.

Purity on a College Campus (II)

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26th October

Part I: Purity on a College Campus (I)

I’m Waiting Until Marriage

25th August

College temptations continue into 2010, how will you remain rooted in truth? Daily Mass and the Eucharist is what keeps Melissa Murphy grounded in hope and truth on a huge public university.

Do you know a friend who is struggling with college temptations? Send this video to them, you never know what fruits and peace in their life may come from that simple action. Takes 30 seconds, could bring a life time of peace.

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