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100 Founders in 100 Days

13th August

Our goal is to find 100 people in the next 100 days who are ready to commit to a monthly tithe to this online missionary effort. Our team wants to ensure that our beloved children and grandchildren will have an uplifting place to go online to share in the beauty, hope, and stories of our Catholic faith. Help today, click below on the logo to support our mission with a monthly donation:

A Young Irishman Shares about Medjugorje’s Profound Impact on His Life: part 2

12th June

Part II from Pio Hartnett in Ireland shares his testimony from within the Catholic faith. Thanks to Video Missionary Adam Conroy in Ireland, our global team has begun seeking out and publishing the heart, soul, and future of the Catholic faith. Check back soon for more stories of faith from the great Catholic heritage of Ireland. Simply click on the location tab above and navigate to the ‘Europe’ section of this global Catholic mission.

God be praised, now and forever!

Planning One’s Suicide is Overcome by Love of Jesus

2nd June

The love of Jesus and the power of the confessional overcomes the horrible reality of suicide. Hear Francesca share from Ireland her experience of planning, plotting, and eventually confessing her suicide.

A Young Irishman Shares about Medjugorje’s Profound Impact on His Life: part 1

25th May

From the Emerald Isle, Video Missionary Adam Conroy publishes a story from a young Irishman who needed a boost in his faith life. That boost came from Medjugorje in Bosnia, where he visited with his family. After that experience took place, it was as if the sunglasses were taken off his eyes and he was able to see the world with a new perspective.

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Carmelite Vocations Growing in Tanzania: Vlog # 4

Do you ever feel adrift in the world around you? Do you ever wonder what is my purpose, what is my mission? The vlog...