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From Global Voice Performances to Business Challenges, Myles Ogea has Kept the Faith

14th March

I Started Cantering when I was Thirteen
“It’s such an amazing experience when you get fear out of your life.”

Published on: March 15th, 2013 — 12:48 PM / OBS: North America

Highlands Ranch, CO, USA — Remember when you use to dream in your youth? Dream about making the winning field goal, flying to space, or perhaps even singing at Carnegie Hall? Well guess what, today’s story is from a man in Highlands Ranch Colorado who in fact sang his way to stages all over the world, including well known Catholic Churches in America, Europe, and beyond. (more below)

Seth J. DeMoor
Founder & Video Missionary, USA


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music by: Myles Ogea

For Myles Ogea, the music was a dream from the time he was a boy. At the young age of thirteen, he was blessed to fill … Read More »

Pure in Heart America

13th March

Seth James DeMoor

Missionary Director in USA
Founder, President, Video Missionary

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Chastity in America, what happened?

The will of the Father for the United States of America may only have one strong voice left on the topic of chastity, the Catholic Church, listen why below.

Posted on: 13th March 2012


BOSTON, MA — The Archdiocese of Boston has unleashed a defender of truth through a young adult power house called Pure in Heart. This initiative has begun a transformation in the hearts of many young adults in the greater Boston area. This transformation centers on the Catholic faith with the Eucharist, confession, the rosary, and discussions onTheology of the Body at the center of the apostolate.

Today’s Story

Pure in Heart America from on Vimeo.

Led by a core team of young Catholics, Pure in Heart is … Read More »

Road to the Priesthood in Ireland, part one

26th February

Even though ‘Irish Steve’ has returned home from the Emerald Isle, we continue to publish Catholic stories from that great nation of Catholic heritage. With the help of God’s grace, remarkable testimonies from an hard hit culture of Catholics, continue to appear for the mission.

Today’s Story

Kind of like ESPN, someday this mission will be able to publish a 10-part DVD collection titled, ‘The Classics: Reversions to the Catholic Faith.’ Why? Because at least once a week we are hearing people share from the very depths of their being their wayward lives of the past, which ends up unfulfilling at the core of their souls, and back into a journey home to Catholicism. What an honor it is to hear part I to this man’s story from Ireland today, a true witness to the hope that rests within all Catholics … Read More »

A Journey from the Head to the Heart, part II

2nd January

Many Catholics are afraid of confession, or do not see the importance of it in this world, but what is your take? Share your thoughts or experience of confession below this video.

A Journey from the Head to the Heart, part I

27th December

The interior versus exterior questions of life, the infamous journey from the head to the heart, one of the longest journeys one will ever take according to Mother Teresa.