Language of Love Produces Purpose, Beauty, and Vocations in England

Sister Emmanuel of Manchester England shares about her life’s journey into a religious order called the Mysteries of Divine Revelation. At first, Sister Emmanuel was not too keen on the idea of serving through a religious life. Over time, the language of love dispersed all doubts of her vocation to the service of the Church through religious life. Despite not knowing Italian, the only postulant in fact, Sister Emmanuel went to Rome to join an Italian based order. Part of their charism and outreach is education through art and beauty. Throughout this video testimony, revelations into the beautiful mystery of Catholicism’s past are uncovered by this Sister’s powerful insights. Experience an English story on this global Catholic mission thanks to Video Missionary John Coats, more coming soon, stay tuned.

  • Joseph M. DeMoor

    One can immediately feel the presence of the Spirit in Sister Emmanuel of Manchester. The joy of being alive and appreciating the beauty around us…the beauty of the sky, the sun, the warmth of the sun and sometimes the coolness of the night, the flowers as well as the change of seasons. Yes we alll have challenges and frustrations but let us not forget to see the beauty and positive aspects of life that abound…peace and prayers…

  • Daniel V Bartolomei,Jr.

    Sister Emmanuel-your insight into the early Church is brilliant..That beautiful large crucifix behind you is in my apartment-a gift from my saintly uncle -Rev.John Joseph Capuano brought back from Italy after a trip to Pordenone,Italy and Rome.God bless you sister for your testimony to the truth of the Catholic Church.

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