Jesus in the Eucharist and My Uncle the Exorcist: Part 1

Jas Syquia shares with Video Missionary David Panlilio about an extraordinary experience he had with the during a family encounter seminar. Jas’ family moved to North Carolina 7 years ago where he has the privilege of helping lead a Catholic Charismatic Community called “Bukas Loob Sa Dios” which means (Bukas Loob sa Dios means: Open in Spirit to God). Be sure to tune back in on Thursday, July 12th for part II of this story where he discusses his struggles to express his faith in a new land along with his uncle based in the Philippines, an Exorcist.

  • Joseph M. DeMoor

    What a beautiful testimony and to hear about a family oriented type retreat that encompasses our Catholic faith practices and beliefs is quite special. As for myself I do not recall this type of opportunity in my life to date. peace be with the many blessings and challenges that each of us experience daily,

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