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Lila Rose Becomes Catholic

Lila Rose shares the end of her story from a protestant college student at UCLA, to a leader in the pro-life world as a Catholic. Listen to the foundations on which she has built her life in the Catholic faith.

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American Papist

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• CatholicVote.org
• Render Unto Caesar
• March for Life

Lila Rose - Part I

Lila Rose shares the beginning of her story from life at home to the culture of death she faced at UCLA. Listen to the foundations of her later work in the pro-life movement with Live Action, an undercover media group exposing the lies of abortion mills across the country.

Learn more at www.liveaction.org

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Loreto House - Denton, TX

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Loreto House: www.loretohouse.org

music by: David Thies: www.davidthiesmusic.com

Imagine Spot 1

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Pilgrimage 2 Highlight Reel

Protestant Returns: Jn 6




Update & Protestant Returns






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