Is There Hope in the Youth?

There is youthful Catholic revolution going on in America right now, are you in-tune? What apostolate are you involved in that is making head way for the New Evangelization? Share below and leave links so other can get involved!

ReRun # 7 - Lila Rose’s Path to Catholicism

Defending life and seeking truth, how and why pro-life giant Lila Rose became Catholic. & Value of Life Project (sneak preview)

Listen up, did you know that by the time children are 9 years old, their moral foundation is already in place. If you’re ready to help raise a new generation of faithful, pro-life Catholics, then twitter, facebook, myspace, digg, google buzz, email, and stumble upon this video until your clicking finger hurts : )

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Olivia Rose

Catholic TV
This Is The Day (click here to watch):

Lila Rose Becomes Catholic

Lila Rose shares the end of her story from a protestant college student at UCLA, to a leader in the pro-life world as a Catholic. Listen to the foundations on which she has built her life in the Catholic faith.

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Lila Rose - Part II

Lila Rose shares part II of her story from life at home to the culture of death she faced at UCLA. Listen to the foundations of her later work in the pro-life movement with Live Action, an undercover media movement exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood across the country.
Part I to Lila’s story: click here
Exposing Planned Parenthood: click here
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March for Life 2011: wrap-up

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March for Life 2011: Highlights

March for Life 2011: 12:39 a.m.

March for Life 2011: 4:12 p.m. Update

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