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• Conferences  • School Assemblies • Youth Groups • Campus Ministry • Pro-Life Rallies • Men’s Retreats • Confirmation Retreats (retreat leader)

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Watch Seth on EWTN’s Life on the Rock (click logo right)   

Seth’s Story

Even though Seth grew up in Colorado at 8,000 feet, his Catholic faith never reached the height of his hometown. After twenty years as a luke-warm Catholic, a personal reversion to the faith in college led him to a 2,400 mile bike pilgrimage across the country. It began January 2010 and his mission was to begin capturing on video the ‘one billion Catholic stories,’ and then sharing the faithful witnesses with the ‘digital continent’ on OneBillionStories.com.


The Message

Since December 2009, Seth DeMoor has spoken to  confirmation retreats, youth rallies, pro-life groups, campus ministry outreach, and now an appearance on EWTN’s show Life on the Rock (watch here). When Seth speaks, his message centers on Jesus Christ, the New Evangelization, social media, and fortitude. Through daily mass, prayer, and relational evangelization, Seth found the courage to go share the Catholic faith with billions of daily internet users.

The Facts

• Colorado native • Cradle Catholic, Eucharist Lover • 25 years old • University of Colorado graduate • Runner • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Guru • To be Married June 18th, 2011!

Speaking Options

Digital Continent Evangelization Workshop
Feel lost as soon as your kids, youth group, or fellow co-workers start talking about tweets, posts, buzzs, or likes? If your youth group, parish, or campus ministry is ready to learn how to connect with the youth of the Church, and share the faith on the Internet, schedule Seth for a half-day intensive on the Catholic Faith’s mission and responsibility in the 21st century.
pricing: $50.00/person (4 hour session)


Motivational Speaking
Areas of Expertise: • The New Evangelization • Social Media Evangelization  • Motivational Speaking on Fortitude • Heroic Discipleship • Story Telling • The Power of the Sacraments  • The Saints, Past and Present • Vatican II & Media Communications
pricing: $500.00


Retreat Leader
What your teenagers will experience and take home for application in their daily living.
• Activities centered on Courage • Connecting Scripture to Evangelization • Sacramental Living • The Pursuit of Sainthood • Authentic Catholic Resources • Connections to Young Adult Catholic Groups Across the Country •
pricing: $30.00/student (all day)


Reserve a date to have Seth DeMoor come speak at an event, teach a workshop, or lead a retreat, please email [email protected]

We thank you for your interest in the mission and look forward to speaking with you soon.
Pricing - In order to spread the mission of evangelization on the ‘digital continent,’ financial stability for the apostolate must be a top priority for our team at headquarters in Denver. Our founder, Seth DeMoor, would love to come speak at your event for free, but we at headquarters know that the mission will not continue unless we are able to raise funds. * travel costs not included

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