World Youth Day

Why do million join together in one place for World Youth Day? Who brings them together as one body from every continent on earth? Learn more about World Youth Day, which was started by Pope John Paul II, at

Body Blood Soul & Divinity

Tuesday April 26th 2011 ~ How do people form a relationship with a person they cannot see? How do you form a relationship with a person you cannot see? Comment below this video for ideas on how you connect with God through your Catholic faith.

Doubt Extinguished

What does a monstrance, adoration, and people passing out have to do with extinguishing doubt?

Catholic TV, This is The Day

Eucharistic Miracles II

Part I - Eucharistic Miracles

Eucharistic Miracles

Part II - Eucharistic Miracles II

‘This is the Eucharist’

His body and blood transforms. Part II of II

Why Daily Mass?

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