Blessed John Paul II

The late, and now Blessed, John Paul II, whom impacted all our lives eternally, today, on Reflections today from Texas and Florida on encounters with his death and life here on earth.
Sunday, May 1 2011
Acts 2:42-47/1 Peter 1:3-9/John 20:19-31 (43) Prop Psalms 22

The Pope John Paul II Impact

Some stories cannot be summarized in letters on a screen, today is one of those times. The Blessed JPII Impact, today, on
• Saturday, April 30 2011
• Acts 4:13-21/Mark 16:9-15 (266) Prop Psalms
• Saturday in the Octave of Easter, [solemnity]

Trust in God through St. Joan of Arc

How can a song become a prayer? This video is a great example of how dynamic prayer can be, and how it comes in many different forms. Chris relates his story of Trust to St. Joan of Arc’s story, oh how beautiful a STORY can be and how we can learn so much through a STORY. Be sure to keep your eye out for more songs from this up and coming artist!

Bishop Sheridan’s Favorite Saints

music by David Thies:

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St. Maximilian Kolbe, the bunker

December 13, 2010 by  
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The Auschwitz starvation bunker led Fr. Kolbe to his sacrificial death during World War II. Learn how his sacrifice impacted a Catholic community in Houston, Texas fifty years later.

20 Something Year Old Shares Catholic Faith!?

St. Faustina Awakens (II)

Part I:

To Seek Truth - II

September 23, 2010 by  
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Part I -

St. Therese Statue Breaks

Consecration to Mary

Mary, mother to all, how did she change this gentleman’s life?

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