Good Friday Encouragement

Bishop Sheridan shares some words of wisdom for staying the course.

Give your Addictions to Christ

Another Video Missionary produces today’s story for the ‘digital continent’ from Florida. Listen to this ‘Prodigal Son’ story of authentic dyeing to self, and seeking the Lord in all things. What’s your addiction? How will you overcome it?

ReRun # 5 - Kung Fu Catholic

The real Kung Fu Panda comes forth to you from FSU!

Catholicism, It’s The Original

Share your conversion story @

Reality Check

You Know You’re Going…(II)

Click here for Part I:

You Know You’re Going…

Reversion anyone?

Click here for Part II:

The Trinitarian Tattoo

How far have you moved in conviction for the faith? What’s your daily reminder?

What is

Highlight # 2 - Most Inspiring Interview

Simply sit back and enjoy this one! If there’s one video to spread around to family & friends, it’s this one! ( stephen )

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