I Had To Escape, Part II

April 29, 2011 by OneBillionStories.com  
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From detox to ____________, how does this young man make it to the other side, alive?
Watch Part 1 - I Had To Escape
Comfortable to share your reversion story? Comment below on your story, your transition from partying to Catholicism.
• Friday, April 29, 2011
• Acts 4:1-12/John 21:1-14 (265) Prop Psalms
• Friday in the Octave of Easter

I Had To Escape

Drinking in excess led to…

Give your Addictions to Christ

Another Video Missionary produces today’s story for the ‘digital continent’ from Florida. Listen to this ‘Prodigal Son’ story of authentic dyeing to self, and seeking the Lord in all things. What’s your addiction? How will you overcome it?

Transition From _____ To _____ (II)

Part I: Transition From

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