Is There Hope in the Youth?

There is youthful Catholic revolution going on in America right now, are you in-tune? What apostolate are you involved in that is making head way for the New Evangelization? Share below and leave links so other can get involved!

Rerun # 1 - Needs a Break

Little Sisters of the Poor

Go to their website @
Do you have community in your life? Where do you hope to find community? Listen to these sisters share their experience of living in community, then comment below the video with your experience of Catholic community in your life.

Christian Life Movement

Christian Life Movement:
A new lay movement from Peru that is making strides to win souls for Christ and the Catholic Church in the United States.

Air Assault to Franciscan Brother

• Franciscan Brothers Minor

Over the Mountain: II

Over the Mountain: I

Over the Mountain: I

Watch Part II here: Over the Mountain: II

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

A man who needs no introduction, a true hero for our generation, a light in the darkness.

Best of 2010: Most Honorary Guest

One Crucifix, Four Vocations

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