Bishop Sheridan’s Favorite Saints

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American Papist

• American Papist

• Render Unto Caesar
• March for Life

The Revolution: I

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Part II: Click Here

The heart of Texas and another revolution on thanks to John Paul the Great.

(Theology of the Body)

music by: Bob Dylan & Jonah Werner

Our Lady of the Rosary

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“Robert Feeney exposes the rich history of the Rosary, highlighting the encouragement Our Lady gave at Fatima to ‘pray the Rosary every day’. This work on John Paul II’s method of praying the Rosary is a great primer for what the late Pope called ‘the school of Mary’. Students of this ‘school’ will find their relationship with Jesus and Mary enriched.”
– Most Rev. Edwin O’Brien, Archbishop of Baltimore

Writings from The Great…

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The JPII Impact & Fraternus

How did the late John Paul the Great impact your life? Comment under the video.

Pope Benedict XVI: World Comm. Day ’09

A reading of a call from His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, to all Catholics, too…

Pope Benedict XVI, His Impact Thus Far

How has our Holy Father impacted your life? Comment under video.

Bostonian Catholicism

What’s the story from Boston’s Catholic neighborhoods?

Pope John Paul II’s Impact

How has John Paul II impacted your life? Comment under the video.

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