The mission of OneBillionStories.com is to promote the life of Jesus Christ, by collecting and sharing the personal human stories of those faithful to the magisterium of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, through modern communication mediums. This mission will focus on three steps:
1. Attract everyday Internet users with engaging stories and captivating content
2. Cultivate reflection on the stories with questions, comments, vlogs, and dialogue
3. Propose action on those reflections by making available, authentic Catholic apostolates and resources faithful to the magisterium

The Pilgrimage
On Jan. 3, 2010, a pilgrimage was begun to find God’s work and voice in the world through the stories of all one billion Catholics. Equipped with only a bike, video camera, and mission, Seth DeMoor departed from Orlando, Fla., and traveled for three months back to Colorado to bring the authentic Catholic witness to the “digital continent.” The bike ride comprised 2,400 miles of pedaling, seven states, thirteen flat tires, and three hundred amazing stories from Catholics young and old who had the courage to share their story. The take home message from the bike ride is that the Catholic faith is not going away, because of Her devout disciples living in the world but not of the world! Stay tuned for more stories from the ‘one billion catholics’ whom all have a story to share with the world.

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