20 Something Year Old Shares Catholic Faith!?

Our Lady of the Rosary

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“Robert Feeney exposes the rich history of the Rosary, highlighting the encouragement Our Lady gave at Fatima to ‘pray the Rosary every day’. This work on John Paul II’s method of praying the Rosary is a great primer for what the late Pope called ‘the school of Mary’. Students of this ‘school’ will find their relationship with Jesus and Mary enriched.”
– Most Rev. Edwin O’Brien, Archbishop of Baltimore

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Month of Mary comes to a close

“A rose is a rose because it is God’s idea of a rose wrapped up in chemicals and tints and life. But it is not so with persons. God has to have two pictures of us: one is what we are, and the other is what we ought to be.” Bishop Fulton Sheen


Gwyneth Holston, a young Catholic artist from Denver(!), shares her art and pilgrimage experience in France at OneBillionStories.com.

***In these trying times for the Catholic Church, help others hear and watch the inspiring, motivating, and good  stories within our faith.***

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