EWTN Tonight & Catholic Pick-up Line Song

Catholic Pick-Up Line Song

Hear More @ www.reverbnation.com/davidcasper


L’Angelus Website: www.cajunrecords.com

“I Love You” by David Casper

Reign in the power of music with an Aggie, David Casper.

Family Missions Company - Part I

“Eyes Wide Open”

Hear more about the Ananias Project at www.fmcmissions.com and then click on the ‘Media’ link on the right.

Or go to itunes to purchase their Album,The Ananias Project.’

Type in ‘Family Missions Company’ in to the OneBillionStories.com search engine to hear more videos on this apostolate.

Homeless with Jesus Christ & A Guitar

How faith in the Lord and a guitar can bring one through tough times.

This young man hit hard times through some bad decisions, yet he is striving for the Lord as his song makes known. Like his story? Share with the button below. Pax

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