Lila Rose Becomes Catholic

Lila Rose shares the end of her story from a protestant college student at UCLA, to a leader in the pro-life world as a Catholic. Listen to the foundations on which she has built her life in the Catholic faith.

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16 Responses to “Lila Rose Becomes Catholic”
  1. Mike McLaren says:

    When I was a kid (back in the ’60′s & 70′s) young Catholics were always asking, what’s the least I can get away with, and many of the priests of the day went right along with that att[tude. As a result many, myself included, drifted away from the church. (It took me almost thirty years and many dreadful mistakes to return)

    Today however, it seems that so many young Catholics are asking what more can I do so serve my Lord and Savior, and His church. That’s how I know we are winning. It’s going to be the youth that with websites and other ministries like this will save the church in this country, and ultimately indeed this country.

    God bless you, and God’s speed.

  2. Deb says:

    Great site. Thanks for your work. I love young energtic Catholics. It inspires we older Catholics. Thank you!

  3. I am so impressed with Miss Rose’s life story. I thank God for as often as I remember her and her organization.

  4. Mark W. says:

    What is the song at the end of this video called? I’ve been trying to look it up because it is so beautiful! Keep up the great work, brother! God bless.

  5. D says:
    Here is the link to the song, it is beautiful

  6. Yalile says:

    Hi Seth,
    I will be at Birmingham at 3:00 to meet with Sister Louis Marie whom you can interview. Casa Maria where she is at is a few blocks from EWTN. They actually going to have a good guess speaker on tomorrow. Call me or send me an email or a text because I dont have your number.’tks God Bless

  7. jean says:

    Hey there:
    this is off topic and I know it, but I was wondering…

    are there any YOUNG African American Catholics out there? Have you filmed them, or are you even thinking about doing it?

    I am Protestant and looking at the Catholic church, but frankly, I don’t think I’d fit-few people there that look like me. And the music…frozen @ 1968 or so, and terrible.

    I know it’s not your fault or anything, but I’m just putting it out there. There doesn’t seem to be any efforts (that I’ve run into, anyway) trying to evangelize African Americans since Katharine Drexel (I read her biography). I know I’m an outsider looking in, but it looks like y’all have given up on us (outside of Louisiana and Baltimore) and are just maintaining what you’ve got.

  8. Great question Jean. Guess what?
    The northern hemisphere Catholics are slowly dwindling away, especially in Europe, mostly because of birth control and abortion. However, Africa’s Catholic population continues to grow very quickly, and I believe by 2050 will outnumber the amount of Catholics in Europe. Just curious, what part of the country are you from? I could point you in the right direction of either good ‘diverse’ Catholics or at least apostolates, lay movements, or religious orders that are not quote on quote typical Catholic.
    Do you know what World Youth Day is?

  9. Austin Onuoha says:

    Hello Seth,

    I was fortunate to listen to you this morning on EWTN on Life on the Rock. I am so impressed to see Young people like u and me working hard for God. Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 28:18″GO ye into the world and evangelise my word”. We are the ambassadors of Christ.

    It is time we young Catholics take our faith to the highest level as Jesus has called us to do. I am impressed.

    Keep up the good work Seth.

    I will like to be in constant contact with u because I am a young man in the Caribbean also working for God in the Church. My parish is working on creating Community faith groups otherwise called “Cell meetings” where people living in different areas of the country can meet at least once a week to share their faith and what led them to Christ. Remain blessed.

  10. Shane Johnson says:

    I am in the process of finding the treasures of the Catholic Church. I have found great value in the institutions and prayers of the church. Last night I saw your spot on “Life on the Rock”. Thanks for making yourself available to Love God in your own particular way! I’m from Wisconsin we have a lot of lapsed Catholics here but I KNOW that God is searching after these people! I have been led to talk to many “ex” Catholics. Often I have been led by the love of Jesus to convict them into realizing their true state in relation to God. Other times it is them, even in their lapsed state, that leads me. It is the fact that catholics are loving people that helps lead me into the depth and bredth of the catholic experience. If you ever get up here feel free to contact me. Wisconsin has some beautiful woods and country sides, as well as having a robust social life. Our lord leads us to love one another. It’s through our willingness to enter into suffering in order to experience the resurrection of the spirit that we start to commit to being more receptive to God’s love. He goes before us fighting our battles. It’s through prayer and pennance that God can make Himself known in our lives and this ultimately results in the satisfaction of our souls. It is a balm in Gilead that cures our sickness and leads us to know the Lords ways. So we can live peacefully knowing who we truly are as it is revealed to us through the church and through the Holy Spirit who answers our questions when asked in humility. Trust in the ways of the Lord and call on His Holy name at any time knowing that He WILL respond. If not today than tomorrow, but NO PRAYER ever goes unanswered. What child asking his father for bread would recieve a stone? Our father in Heaven is capable of a pure love earthly fathers are able to only vaguely represent. As children of God brought into communion through the graces of God and the sacraments of the church we are in such a privilaged postion. God’s love is just unrestrained in being put through us and in us. The world itself moves for love. This love is the basis of the church. God’s love poured out on the church is the very foundation of all that we believe. In this understanding we have proper communion among people. To the end of this peace I feel a debt to any who would give themselves to any small or large call of our messiah. And so too am I indebted to the institutions that support this call. In Jesus holy and precious name Thank you and God bless you, your family, ministry and those of your same heart.

  11. Shane Johnson says:

    I advocate this site!

  12. Chrissy says:

    Thanks so much for this great website. I saw you on EWTN and couldn’t wait to check out the site. I am a Catholic School teacher and I’m always looking for ways to share the faith with the children God’s blessed me with- this is awesome! Keep up the great work and many prayers being offered for you and all of the young people working so hard to serve Christ!

  13. James Mwangi says:

    Hello Seth,
    I saw you on life on the rock and had to check out your website. Its a great work and may the Lord continue to use you in this ministry. I really like that you had Lila Rose’s conversion story, I was looking for it and couldn’t find it until I landed on your website. It’s not a coincidence that all these committed pro-lifers end up in the Catholic Church. Your work is a treasure for this recording of people’s stories is very refreshing. From the comments above, I wanted to encourage Jean who said that he’s African American and was looking for his face in the stories. Well Jean I am from Kenya myself and like Seth said, the Church in Africa is growing tremendously. When I moved here 10 yrs ago, I found myself feeling out of place since I couldn’t find many black Catholics and it seemed that my family was among the few that stayed in the Church. I can say that God has rewarded us greatly with many friends who share our faith. It’s not about who goes to Church with us but who we find there and with Christ present in the Eucharist body, blood, soul and divinity, everything that you might think is missing will be fulfilled and even surpassed. Go for Jesus and you will never regret it. Further more you can be a pioneer for the African Americans in the Church. You never find them until you first take the step for Christ’s sake. You can read my blog and keep in touch at my blog if you wish; We are called to be the light for all to see so take courage.
    Thank you Seth for your great work. You will be in my prayers.

    James Mwangi


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