Islam to Catholicism

A young man shares why he made the leap of faith from the Islamic religion to the Catholic Church.

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5 Responses to “Islam to Catholicism”
  1. Wow, Amazing!!!!!! This video made me really happy, I was smiling the whole time I watched it :)

  2. Br Finnian says:

    Thanks Seth for introducing Joff to us and of course thank you Joff for letting us hear your story.Listen to this young man’s ambition to serve Jesus and lead a Bible study of his own. Thank you Kevin for sharing your faith and accompanying this young man. We pray for you and all young people in peer ministry. God bless you.

  3. Jeff,God bless you and your family, always and forever.

  4. Josh,Sorry,I got your name wrong.Once again,God bless you.

  5. Joff,I hope I got your name right this time.I took a Dale Carnegie course;” On How To Make Friends And Infuence People”.One of its basic precepts was that a persons name was the best sounding words in a language.I was so fearful of talking before a group that i received a most improvement award because I was eventually able to stand up and give my name before the group.For me that was a major milestone in my life.Once again.God bless you and your family.

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