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• In 3 simple steps:
1. Gather millions (someday billions) of faithful and inspiring Catholic stories
2. Spread those stories through the power of contemporary communication mediums: online video, podcasts, vodcasts, photo blogs, text blogs, livestreams, etc.
3. Engage and invite the two billion daily Internet users to ask the important questions in life on a global scale, through timely and relevant personal stories  



St. Paul engaged Greek culture by presenting the Catholic faith through their language and common expressions (Acts 17:16-24). Catholics must learn from St. Paul and apply his method of evangelization to contemporary culture, where online communication has seen a shift from text to video since 2005, YouTube’s launch date. The mass communication markets are shifting online, and the content within those markets is rapidly shifting toward video.
The creation of YouTube and podcasting made a dramatic impact on the acquisition of online information in the past six years. Therefore, OneBillionStories.com will harness these shifting markets during their infancy stages. This must become an action point for Catholics, especially the young, which Pope Benedict XVI discussed in his September twenty-first, 2010 Apostolic Letter, “Ubicumque et Semper (Everywhere and Always)” by stating: “Among the specific tasks of the Council are particularly the following: to study and to encourage the use of modern forms of communication as instruments for the new evangelization…”

Moving forward, OneBillionStories.com will strive toward perfection in sharing the gifts of the Catholic faith with the modern world by capturing hundreds, thousands, millions, and yes, billions of personal stories from the ‘One Billion Catholic faithful.’ Perhaps you are being called to share your story on the ‘digital continent.’ To strengthen the ‘One Billion Stories’ vision, we call upon you to answer Jesus Christ’s proclamation: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Mt 28:19

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